It’s a busy and fruitful time in the garden this month. After the heat of summer it’s ideal now to get out of the lounger, for a short time anyway, and spruce up the garden again. Plant out newly acquired plants and spring flowering bulbs, ideally attend to the lawn and maybe tackle a building or landscape project.

Then sit back, if the weather allows, and enjoy your outdoor living room.

Some jobs for the season ……

Growing fruit & vegetables is becoming more popular again, if you’ve not got soil space why not grow in pots. Sow Spring cabbage now, why not try some winter Onions & Garlic they will be ready to harvest next summer.

Prune old fruited branches from raspberries and prune any dead or diseased wood from fruit trees.

Plant new fruit trees as the soil is warm after summer. Help ripen tomatoes by feeding with high potash fertilizer such as Tomorite. Avoid irregular watering of tomatoes which causes “blossom end rot”.

beautiful hyacinths in vase over white

Apply fruit tree grease bands at the end of September; these are sticky bands which trap moths climbing up the trees to lay their eggs.

Divide large clumps of herbaceous plants, this makes the plants stronger as well as giving you new plants.
Plant out spring flowering bedding like Bellis, Primulas, Wallflowers & Violas (pansies).
Feed borders with potash fertilizers to harden them up before winter.
Keep hoeing and removing weeds.

Regularly clean pumps and filters.
Control blanket weed by twirling it around a stick to remove it.
Put a net over to keep out falling leaves.
Continue to feed fish.

Give a last trim of the season.

This is the busiest month of the year for lawn maintenance. To allow you to sit back next spring and see the fruits of your labours all the hard work happens this month.

“Rake or scarify” out old debris, known as thatch. Then “Spiking or forking” aerates the soil, the holes then allow the next task “top dressing” (a soil & sand mix) to build up the soil layer. Lastly apply a winter feed which is a special slow release feed for the grass roots.

Grass Seed or lay turf to new or existing areas.

Create a spring picture by planting bulbs now in borders or tubs & troughs. Christmas flowering hyacinths should be planted now, allow 13 weeks form planting.

Tidy and possibly spray for insects including vine weevil, before bringing in tender perennials like Fuchsias, Pelargoniums, and Lantana etc to over winter in the greenhouse. Sow winter hardy vegetables like lettuce & carrots.

Clean moss and algae from paths with an Algaecide cleaner. Generally tidy up to avoid pests & disease. Apply vine weevil control as grubs are now active. Collect ripe seed for future sowing. It’s a good time to move conifers and plant all varieties of trees and shrubs.

Plant ornamental grasses, they look good this month.


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