STOCKSNSKINS New EP ‘Long Shadows’ released March 25 on Analogue Trash


Though it may feel like it at times, life didn’t stop in March 2020 – instead, for many of us, it sparked changes great and small in how we live, work, and view the world around us. For Bournemouth-based tunesmiths and agitproppers STOCKSNSKINS, physical distance and personal growth added a fresh dimension to their music – culminating in their new Long Shadows EP

How do you think your music has developed since your last chat with Northern Revive?

Sns keep on going. New music, beats, lyrics and bass. Always looking for inspiration and beady eyes always on the look out for life experiences.


What’s movie would you have love to have written the soundtrack for?

That’s hard. Maybe an underground techno flick with peeps that just don’t seem to get anywhere. Do you know any?


Are record labels still important?

They are so important right now more than ever. The AnalogueTrash fam are excellent people.  They have helped us so much, always supporting us always sending big loves to the south coast. Love em x


Who has had the most influence on your music?

Jim Morrison, Streets, Sleaford Mods, Jah Wobble, Ghost Poet, Public Image, Bahama Soul Club, Le Jardin De Lucy. Too many man!

Who has been doing your new artwork?

Best yet. Ace work by AnalogueTrash and Jack for this. Ace photo session with our Sarah lever. Chuffed it looks good.

Who is most annoying band member?

Ha ha Roland the keyboard. Love him he is excellent


What would you love to see in a dressing room?

Vegan snacks. Four pack of Red Stripe and a Kitkat x


What has been the biggest challenge in your career so far?

Ummm being so different than the postcode is used to.


Cassettes, CD, Vinyl, download or stream?

All really important to us. Love a cassette they’re ace.

What’s been your favourite heckle?

Gig at Chaplins Boscombe. Ace venue. Someone shouted out we are like Chaz n Dave. Ha ha ha love a heckle. Really encourage them when we play live.


What other bands do we need to be checking out right now?

Skaema Poole based punky trio

Continental Liaison southampton based 3 piece.

Factory Acts. Manchester based. Excellent duo. Great sound.

The cowls. California based. Damian is an ace bloke. Great musically


Spotify? Necessary or music equivalent of a slum landlord? 

I mean we try and not get obsessed with it. Doesn’t mean anything, does it? I’m sure the peeps with millions of streams love it. Just great that our entire back catalogue is available at a touch of a button.

Are music reviews important to you?

They are really important to us. Anyone who wants to write about us gets our vote. Really appreciate all and any support of Stocksnskins. Means a lot x

What did you miss most about playing live in the pandemic?

Live gigs. They are ace. Appreciate the opportunity to get on a stage and blat out a load of sns. Love it

Favourite venue and why?

Chaplins cellar bar. Boscombe. It’s quirky with great people. Engineer Conrad bar is an ace bloke who understands sns and our journey. Place is owned by Harry Seacombe great owner who puts on music pretty much everyday of the week.


What message would you like to send the government about supporting the music industry?

Need to pay so much more attention to the live music scene. Not just massive sell out Venues but the grassroots venues. It’s where it all starts. Right? Supporting artists n bands at this level is so important to the industry.


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