Council Leader strikes a chord for Rochdale Town Hall bells


The newly appointed leader said the radical move would chime with public opinion and strike a chord for the north of England.

Councillor Brett has invited media chiefs from the BBC and ITV to visit Rochdale and witness the stunning sound of the bells ringing out across the town.

Councillor Allen Brett

He said the decision to use pre-recorded chimes of Big Ben was selling licence payers short and lacked the romance and nostalgia the live gongs provide.

Councillor Brett said: “Using pre-recorded chimes is a bit of a cop out and there is no more powerful sound than the famous Rochdale Town Hall bells.

“I would simply ask national broadcasters to get out of the Westminster bubble, come and visit Rochdale and see at first-hand what a beautiful building the town hall is.

“We hear a lot of noise from the government about devolving money and power to the regions, but not a lot of action. This is the huge opportunity to give a much-needed boost to the north. Let the iconic Rochdale bells ring out in living rooms across the land.”

Councillor Brett added that letters were now on the way to broadcasters outlining the merits of using Rochdale’s Town Hall gongs and inviting them to visit the town.


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