Meet your local business owners Joanne and Peter from the commercial pub and the newly opened sweet shop commic candy.

We decided to ask them a few questions.


1, What do you love about Castleton?
Jo – I love the community spirit here in Castleton. When we first took the pub on we had a break in, and we were overwhelmed when the customers all got together and pitched in what they could to help cover what was taken.
Peter – The community, there is an increased sense of community spirit and most of the people are welcoming.

2, How long have you been running the Commercial pub and why did you decide to settle in Castleton?
Jo – Pete decided (and Jo giggles), Pete saw the pub go down hill and he didn’t want to see that happen, he picked me up from work and told me what he had done it was a bombshell to me as I had no idea at all, I’m so glad we did it now and wouldn’t look back.
Peter – We took over on the 1st of June 2014, The pub was as low as it could get and was about to be closed down. I didn’t want to see that happen and decided I’d step up to the mark. We came to live in Castleton in 2001 as we love the area.

3, We all have guilty pleasures, what’s yours?
Jo – I watch friends over and over again, and I love a bit of S club 7, I mean who doesn’t.
Peter – Mine is Vodka, chocolate and films.

4, How did you come about the idea of opening up a sweet shop in Castleton?
Jo – The property next door became available and we saw it as the perfect opportunity.
Peter – Jo had no idea but I had a boy obsession with sweets and when the opportunity came up I grabbed it with both hands.

5, What’s are your favourite old fashioned sweets and why?
Jo – Choc Lic, Black Jacks and Fruit Salads.
They bring back memories of time I spent going
to my nans.
Peter – Black jacks and Fruit salads they both remind me of the good times.

6, Who is your favourite role model and why?
Jo – My mum, she was a single mum of 3 who held down 3 jobs.
Peter – My foster father Michael Davis, he took a wild child in (me) and put up with my messed up life and turned me into the man I am in today.

7, If you could change one thing in your life what would it be?
Jo – I’d bring my mum back.
Peter – I would change the 6 numbers I pick on the lottery into winning numbers.

8, What’s your favourite quote?
Jo – (In Joey’s voice) “How you doing”
Peter – “If at first you don’t succeed then try, try, try and try again”

9, Where do you love to go on a night out on the rare occasions you get time off?
Jo – I love going out locally, so the Blue Pitts and The Old Post Office.
Peter – I love supporting other drinking holes around Castleton (I am a bit of a home bird).

10, Where do you see yourself in 2 years time?
Jo – We will still be here running the Commercial and the Sweet Shop will have taken off by then.
Peter – Still running the Commercial but hopefully a bit better financially.

11, What do you think Castleton needs to improve our High Street?
Jo – I think we need some daytime trade to bring in customers.
Peter – A bank would be a good start? There will be lots more houses being built. It also needs a youth Club, give the kids somewhere to go instead of roaming the streets.

May we wish you every success in the future – from the northernrevive team.


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