It’s the new treatment everyone is talking about! – Fibroblast.

You can avoid costly and risky cosmetic surgeries such as eyelid correction with this new revolutionary treatment.

Some of the conditions, which may be treated by Fibroblast, include:

  • Eyelid lifting/tightening
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Neck tightening
  • Smokers lines
  • Sagging/loose skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars
  • Moles & Skin tags
  • Melia removal

During the procedure, a tiny plasma flash also referred to as an electrical arc is being discharged from the tip of the ‘Plasmapen’.

The tool itself never touches the skin, however, the plasma flash created a tiny micro millimetre size burn to the superficial layer of the skin.

This, in turn, transfers a small amount of heat to the deeper layers of the skin, which stimulates tightening, collagen and skin regeneration.

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1Q. Will fibroblast hurt me?

1A. Everyone has a varying perception of pain. Some people describe a degree of discomfort whilst others are quite comfortable. Numbing products are used to minimise any pain, afterwards, there may be some swelling, which can be managed with the correct aftercare advice.

2Q. How long do results last for?

2A. In skin tightening the skin reduced and tightened by the fibroblast will not re-stretch, however, no treatment can prevent any future ageing, all we can do is treat it as it occurs. Moles, skin tags and Melia are permanently removed.

3Q. Will I see results straight away?

3A. The plasma flash produces a carbonisation affect that shrinks the skin immediately. The skin then needs time to heal and the final results of each treatment will be seen 12 weeks later. In some cases, a top-up session after this period may be required.

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