The Great Northern Dive Show (TGNDS) was something people thought either shouldn’t happen or would fail, but as we all know this show has been a “MASSIVE SUCCESS”



It is the only show that is growing in reputation and numbers.

Therefore, for the 3rd year, we invite you to take part in something that is “mega different” yes, it’s weird and loud and sometimes even we think what is that persons head BUT that’s the whole point, this isn’t just an exhibition, it’s a show!!!

We set trends, we create interest for SCUBA diving, Surfing, Swimming, Free Diving and many other water sports which leads to people wanting to take lots of fabulous holidays in amazing places!!

We don’t have the backing of “Big Brands” like NIKE or Coke Cola, but what we do have is PASSION

“Passion is our drive because the Ocean is our life force.”

We also have many unique selling points that include:

The only UK Dive show to have 700 “FREE Car Parking” spaces for both visitors and exhibitors

The only UK Dive show to have an “Opening Ceremony”

The only UK Dive show to have “Runners for our Exhibitors” we will go and get you your tea/coffee/lunch/products….. we do the legwork for you and your staff so you can concentrate on sales

The only UK Dive show to have “comic con characters, including characters from Star Wars and Game of Thrones……………. also watch this space for your tiny Zombies!?!

We are the only UK Dive Show to have a “Surf Simulator”

We are having a “NEW feature” a Sponsor’s wall

We have booked a Try Dive pool for the 2018 show – and yes, we have crazy plans for that too!!! ???

What do you mean mind the…………..Ice Bergs???????????????

I know for the people who are a little unsure about us changing venues but we have so many amazing places “up here” we thought we would try something different next year and we chose Emirates Old Trafford LCCC for the WOW factor (If it’s is good enough for Simon Cowell and his crowd, I think its ok for us too!! They filmed the X Factor there 2017) however, I am sure we will be returning to Event City in the future, but would appreciate your feedback once you have attended the show in 2018.

SCUBA diving is a sport that needs to be marketed and advertised 100 times more than it is, we know sometimes it’s a chicken and egg situation, however we have proven that this show has grown more than any other Dive show in the UK, its numbers are on the rise, focus is on the industry and how we can work together to make everyone be part of our world.

We have spin-off events including inviting BBC Radio Lancashire to one of the quarries where we got 2 hours “FREE” air time, this again was another 1st and again another success!!

We launched the Scouts Patron Scheme 2 Saturday’s ago, and in the first 2 hours we raised over £8000.00 – that’s right this legacy came from people taking part in SCUBA diving………….. again another 1st

We put our hearts and souls into getting the public to recognise how amazing this sport is, so we would love you to join us at The Great Northern Dive Show, please help us make this sport a force to be reckoned with.


The Opening Ceremony:

We have an Opening Ceremony, please be advised the show will be quite loud for the Opening and Ceremony

Information for the show and how to book:

Venue information:

Emirates Old Trafford
Lancashire County Cricket Club
The Point
Talbot Road
M16 0PX

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th February 2018

Saturday 17th February 2018 from 9.30am until 4.30pm
Sunday 18th February 2018 from 9.30am until 3.30pm

Will be available our website very soon –

Entrance tickets will be £10.00 per adult (plus booking fee if booked online) and £5.00 per child (plus booking fee, children over 12 will be classed as an adult)

Entrance Tickets can be purchased on the day and will be charged £10.00 per adult and £5.00 per child

Oh, and we won’t be charging more because you are on the last minute!!!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Ruth and the team


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