Work continues on the rescue of Hopwood Hall Estate

It’s been showcased on two mainstream TV stations recently: airing on Monday 3rd September on The One Show – which highlighted the ‘Friends of Hopwood Hall Estate’ with local celebrity Andy Kershaw as the interviewer. 

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Another feature story aired on BBC Inside Out which included snippets of many of Hopwood’s YouTube vlogs to amusing effect. Both programmes can be watched on the Hopwood Hall Estate website here:  https://hopwoodxiv.com/category/press/

The Hall, bit -by- bit is entering the 21st Century and thanks to the sterling work of local volunteer electrician Ian Dawson it now has power as well as a much -needed security camera system.

With Hopwood Hall Estate on Historic England (HE) ‘At Risk Register’ it was awarded a grant, ‘match funded’ by Rochdale Council, to undertake emergency works to save the structure of the Hall. 

The rescue funds are being put to good use with the Council going out to tender and choosing Buttress Architects in Manchester to perform the work. 

Grant Prescott is a well-respected specialist in conservation architecture and leads the project for Buttress.  The work will be done in a conservation-friendly way as a prerequisite of the grant.

Following Grant and his team’s recent assessment of the condition of the various elements of the Hall which need to be worked on urgently – they will continue propping and shoring up the structure and fully repairing the historic gutters and other areas which, due to lead theft have allowed water to enter the Hall – which in turn is damaging the precious internal materials. So not a moment too soon.

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Grant Prescott of Buttress Architects, says:

“Hopwood Hall Estate really is a magnificent building with fascinating stories from many different eras, not least the story of Hopwood DePree coming to live in the UK from LA to save his ancestral home. 

Sadly, this ancient Hall which dates back to 1426 has been on Historic England’s (HE’s) ‘At Risk Register’ for many years, but now its future looks promising and we are excited to be working with Hopwood and the wider team to help save it. 

The recent award is a much -needed grant for emergency repairs from Historic England and match-funded by Rochdale Council for a combined total of £276,000.

He added:

“In particular, the hall’s ornamental plasterwork and incredibly carved joinery offer a fascinating challenge to me as a Conservation Architect and the team.

However, by adopting a careful and methodical approach, we can ensure that it will remain standing for the different phases of work going forward and can offer a lasting, priceless piece of history for generations to come.”

Hopwood DePree of Hopwood Hall Estate says:

“The partnership with Historic England and Rochdale Council has been wonderful and we are very eager to continue working with Buttress.    

Grant Prescott and his team are enthusiastic and passionate about rescuing Hopwood Hall and we look forward to stabilising the building to ensure it is around for generations to come.”

We’ll have more updates in Revive, soon.

For more information visit: www.HopwoodHallEstate.co.uk

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