Northern Revive is keen to get to know what’s hot in weddings!

We are delighted to get to know How to I Do, a stylish website run by two friends and entrepreneurs, Clare and Rachael.

The aim of How to I Do is to bridge the gap between wedding suppliers and couples planning a wedding closer together.

Their sleek website is like a one-stop shop and saves couples time in choosing high-end wedding suppliers in the North West.

Importantly, as ardent feminists, they have also made it gender neutral. Moreover, it is multicultural so any couple should feel welcome on the website – so take a look!
Here they tell us more about getting started and growing the brand.

Getting Started: from Buddies to Business Partners


Getting started was probably the hardest part. It was easier to think of all the reasons not to start a business, such as Clare moving house and all the hassle that brings, and Rachael having a very young family, on top of existing busy careers.

However, we are determined women and we “get on”.

Others believed in us too, and soon we had around 100 eager suppliers on our glossy website that went live in May 2018. We are proof that hard work, and grit pays off.

A Little Help from our Friends

We are the first to admit that we are not IT whizz kids. We also do not have degrees in business or marketing.

Perhaps fortune found us the Google Digital Garage in Manchester since it was there that we took full advantage of their free courses.

Indeed, we were soon on first name terms with the lovely and very supportive staff, especially Andy. Sometimes Rachael took her baby (now toddler) with her. 


Growing the Brand

Since launching our website, suppliers are constantly contacting us and ask to be part of our directory.

We have more than doubled the number of businesses who feature on our site.

A wedding is about the couple, and we are certainly not about putting added pressure on brides (indeed, just over half of our users are men, on the last count).

Ultimately, we want planning a wedding to be seen as a fun experience and a way to support local businesses. How to I Do: handpicked and boutique wedding suppliers for everyone.


Growing the brand also coincided with the happy news that a new team member would join How to I Do later that year.

Getting Noticed

Incredibly, we soon became number 1 for a Google search of How to I Do. We are rightly proud of this since they are very common words (over 11 billion search results in fact!). 

To get our message out there we have also taken part in a number of media efforts. Last July we spoke at the launch of Edinburgh’s new Google Digital Garage, sharing the stage with politicians and other entrepreneurs. After that, the Head of Google talked about us in Manchester. With 9 days to go before her due date of the baby, Rachael and Clare spoke on the radio. In fact, Rachael gave birth to her third child in October 2018 and just 3 weeks later we were on television. More recently we joined the lovely John and Albia on the afternoon show for BBC Radio Lancashire and we spoke at the panel for the Liverpool Wedding Blog’s event.


Our Mission 

We aim to be the go-to platform for couples looking for a wedding with a handpicked feel. We have blogs on real weddings, industry tips and styled shoots to inspire couples planning their own big day. For anyone keen to take part in a guest blog, feature their business or collaborate: drop us a line! To help us grow, follow us and spread the How to I Do Word.

Clare and Rachael x

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