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Throughout lock down we will be exploring different aspect on the music industry and their role in supporting artist. The weeks guest is Bee Adamic from Liberty PR.

Liberty Music PR focuses on promoting newcomer artists through Digital Marketing. While Covid had a tremendous impact on the Music Industry as a whole, Liberty as a company embraced the challenge, continuing to innovate and create solutions for artists globally.

The also created Liberty’s Music Academy, an online interactive learning experience designed to teach and train young people about all aspects of the music industry (including mindset of the industry, creative partnerships, growing streams and storytelling).

As well as running the academy again in 2021, Liberty is holding a ‘Future Of Music Summit’ which invites artists, managers, brand executives, entrepreneurs and investors globally to come together and radically rethink the future of the industry in a post-Covid world. The summit will aim to resolve the restrictions in place on live music as well as discussing the opportunities presented by technology.

What does liberty look for in a band?

For us the artist needs to be at a really solid place, the music needs to be amazing, well produced etc. Also they need to have thought about their branding, press pics and have 1 solid social platform they use. We also prefer to work with artists with a few releases that are ready to go, as you’ll see our impact more positively this way. Sometimes just going all out on one track, can be great but then momentum will slide and you’ll go back to square one.


What’s the ethos of the company?

Championing independence, you can do everything now as an independent artist you don’t need a major label!


What skills and experience do the team bring to liberty?

They are all a passionate bunch our team, most have worked in other agencies and bring a wealth of expertise some are brand new to the industry and company and bring a great sense of excitement and passion for the project.


How important is Spotify play listing for an artist’s release?

It’s important that’s for sure, but you need to think about everything and remember numbers aren’t everything on Spotify it’s all about building ‘real’ fans, getting people to follow you as an artist and save your songs into their playlists.


What advice would you offer artists who feel PR is an expense they can’t justify?

Go it alone, don’t worry there are great tools out there to support you doing a DIY pitch, reach out to your favourite journos and blogs and try and build a rapport of some sort.


What impact do you feel new platforms like tic toc have had on the music industry?

Huge impact, at the moment tik tok is the best place for emerging artists to go big and gain new fans, plus it’s cheaper than any other platform.


What can new artists gain from being involved in the academy?

It’s a great way for young people who are yet to get a foot in the door to learn from experienced people in real roles, across the music biz. There might be an area of music you hadn’t really thought of as a career prospect, but become inspired once you hear someone to talk passionately about it.


Can you tell us a bit more about the ‘Future Of Music Summit’ who will be speaking and how can artists get involved?

Tickets are available now, it’s addressing some really vital topics for artists such as ‘radio, third party playlisting which has come under the spot light at lot recently, also addressing things like how else an artist should promote their music via tik tok etc and also a panel on wellbeing. All proceeds will go to charity. Ticket aviable via

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