International Artist Stephen Lynn

Exclusive Interview with Stephen Lynn from disco biscuits to vegan chocolate, a conversation with a northern artistic genius!.

Exclusive Interview with local Manchester artist Stephen Lynn, from disco biscuits to vegan chocolate, a conversation with a northern artistic genius!.

Entering a good old English style pub, The Old Nags Head in Manchester City Centre I eagerly await to meet the infamous Stephen Lynn.

Arriving early I sit down and wait, a few minutes later he arrives eating vegan chocolate, explaining to me he was taste testing for a friend.


A mature typical arty type, Stephen Lynn a humble Warrington born and bred lad.

Attended North Cheshire College (now a university) of Arts for 3 years and did the course he loved ‘Art’.

Art was always his first love, but after trying to get a job in his much-beloved field in the art world he had to make the decision to find a job, any job, we all have bills to pay right?

Stephen Lynn – Image – Karen Mcbride

So making tablets for swimming pads it was then, not the best, but it paid the bills, with loads of other dead-end jobs along the way. I really started to get fed up with it all and decided it was time to give my illustrative work another go, give it my all, my full attention.

For 6 years I ploughed all my energies into ART. Although I loved it, I was just coasting really, it wasn’t going anywhere and I was starting to get disillusioned by it all.

The change came after I lost my best friend.

At first, it hit me hard, I’d even say I went under and suffered a bout of depression with it.

Stephen Lynn illustrative artist – Image – Karen Mcbride

The first 6 months were hard going, I locked myself away and went back to basics which allowed me to express myself, I noticed my style was changing, couldn’t believe how much losing my friend affected me, and how much my style had changed.

I’m not even sure I liked it at first so I showed one of my illustrations to one of my mates, he thought it was fantastic.

I decided to start posting them on Facebook, initially, they were black and white because that’s how I felt at the time and to see how the public would react to them, it was to be my best move yet.

My friends started telling me they were bloody awesome illustrations and encouraged me to do more.

The more I posted the more people loved them, then people started asking if they could buy them, this allowed me to express myself more and gradually I decided to bring back colour into my life.

I decided to do limited edition prints and they’ve been a massive success, even the celebrities who star in them are delighted. I mean who doesn’t want some free publicity right!

The reaction from Facebook fans was outstanding one of my pictures got over 800 likes. I am overwhelmed by it all.

I’m about to do my biggest commission to date, it’s awesome and I feel flattered to have been chosen to do it. I can’t say at the moment as its yet to be revealed.

Stephen Lynn illustrative artist – Image – Karen Mcbride

But recently I created 10 illustrations of Stevie Nicks and all 10 pieces were sold abroad, sold through Instagram.

My art is influenced by music, I’m a massive Fan of Northern Manchester music and the Manchester scene, I would class myself as an adopted Mancunian, loving it.

I’m sure Stephen will have an outstanding future, I can see him going from strength to strength and wish him all the best for the future. 

You can view his work by following him on Facebook or Instagram.

Stephen Lynn




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