Exclusive Interview with Tom Hingley.

OMG! Me interviewing Tom Hingley, a major star from my early years.

Singer, songwriter, author, pain in the arse who takes life way too seriously, anti Brexit till I die. (Taken from Toms facebook bio)

Better known for being the lead singer of the Inspiral Carpets, you may be more familiar with his earlier releases, This is how it feels, Dragging me Down and Saturn Five plus many more…

Why did you create the tribute band Inspiral Kar-pets?

Seeing a revival of the old Manchester Music coming back because of how big the Manchester Scene was back in the day, I wanted to become a part of it again. The Manchester scene is still massive today, we have a shared history of music with new and young people getting into again and it’s still underground, making it still really cool today.

If the Manchester music scene had never happened in the Nineties then there wouldn’t be bands such as Oasis etc.

The Nineties were our Sixties.

What’s your opinion on the new music of today?

It’s too much of a global market and it’s just become a marketing platform.

Where did it all begin?

Started playing back in the punk years in the garage, neighbours would call the police because of the noise, kids just being kids really. He laughs.

What’s your biggest gripe in the industry?

Getting asked to do charity gigs all the time. We support charities as they do good work, but there really are so many these days and it’s hard to choose sometimes.

What do you think as contributed to your success?

I’ve been in the music industry 42 years, I think a good number of factors contribute, personality, turning up (you wouldn’t believe how many people just don’t turn up).

Creating memories for future generations and being tough, it’s a tough industry I cannot deny. I know I’m very lucky to be doing what I’m doing.

Sometimes I can play to a crowd and they look unhappy. The advise I can give to people is not to be too cynical and, if you’re unhappy then you need to change and become empowered, I’ve always been empowered and it works for me.

We are now playing around 35 gigs a year, I love it, I love playing to people who have an awareness of our style of music and our fan base is growing.

I note his voice sounds very radio like, I’ve heard him on a radio show or something. Being curious I ask have you ever been a presenter on a radio show?

I used to do a radio station walking through Manchester at nights, I can’t believe how many homeless people there are on the streets. People who don’t want to be on the streets shouldn’t be on the streets.

What do you think is causing this in society?

More devolution in government causes more homelessness because of cuts in funding from central government.

What are your thoughts on drugs?

Legal highs are more dangerous than heroin I feel. I was on the Metrolink the other day and people were smoking spice. Shouldn’t be allowed on public transport, I mean even I was getting high off it.

I see you’re anti-Brexit, what are your thoughts on MSM?

I feel the media are trying to launch Piers Morgan for Prime minister, they seem to be building him up for the role, this is how they do it.

They’ll make him come across as all very “common sense” and that people can relate to and then BOOM. I also think he’ll become a prime minister for a right-wing party.

Don’t laugh I predicted Donald Trump would be elected way back in Jan 2016 and I was right.

Boris Johnson talks to two audiences and there’s nothing thick about him. He laughs

I’ve become disillusioned by politics recently, it’s creating too much division in the country.

You played at Rochdale feel-good festival last year, did we treat you well?

We were taken to the Town Hall and treated like royalty, it was ace, we did 2 gigs that day, but yes Rochdale rocks.

Abba are the enemy, is this true? An old record, just for laughs. Ha Ha!

Many thanks for your time, have a good one!

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