Introducing hip-hop artist Husky with his new single ‘Fly Away’


Reading based artist Husky is back with powerful new offering ‘Fly Away’. A glistening rap number with hip-hop elements throughout, the vocals flow freely and come across as entirely iconic. Created in his university accommodation, Husky found the beat via YouTube channel ‘smazzebeats’ and the rest was simply history.

What made me get into music?

I don’t even know what made me get into music but I think I’ve always had an ear for music, especially around 2016 and onwards I was pretty obsessed with music always hearing tunes that weren’t even realised yet, and that’s also when I started playing with audacity making joke songs, just because I was unconfident to make anything too serious at that stage, But seeing my favourite rappers jump on stage and get recognition for something they made appealed to me. But also because I always wanted my words to mean something to a lot of people I had always felt like I was small and could never be a leader, But as soon as I made my first buzzing tune I started feeling more and more confident, which was a mad feeling.

How do you transfer the onstage energy to the studio:

To be honest with music you should learn to project your energy naturally, If you’re confident and you truly believe your song is good you will naturally get that energy out regardless of the environment.

What comes first lyrics or music:

For me, I normally have to find the beat first and then write lyrics so I can match the vibe and the patterns on the beat. I always feel like the instruments talk and the artists are its translators.

If you could change the industry what would you change:

I would change the way people think of music nowadays, it feels like a lot of artists nowadays do music for the wrong reasons and forget music is an art and something that should be natural and not influenced by external factors. in short, Make music for yourself.

If you could calibrate with someone who would it be:

I will collaborate with J.cole one day, Due to the meaning of his music, which made me open my eyes to the real world in my lost days, Also because I wouldn’t want any of my collaborations just to be for financial or business gain, I would also want to learn something from the other or just kick it together because conversations are really valuable in this life.

What’s the best advice that’s been given to you:

“You make your own choices “

Last song you played 


What other artists should you be checking out right now?

itsFumes_,5EB,Pablomari,Kenz,Kaeokayo,Cblock,Thunderkid040,icykid___,Launcy fouxx,DA,charlotte kendall,yung emile,swurli,katmusicuk,johnny yukon,hollyperrymusic,L2R,staybusyk,Jester

Whats in store for you once this is all over?

A happy life full of abundance, with my friends and family living a life they want to live. Hopefully, I’m vibing on a yacht.

How did you cope with lockdown:

To be honest, I have a good group of friends so they kept me entertained, I also used to edit videos which kept me busy.

In all honesty, my life changed throughout the first lockdown it really gave me the chance to sit down and ask myself “What do you want to do with your life” which left me with answers that are paying off till now, Ever since I chose music I’ve stuck by it with 0 doubt. So i partially thank the lockdown for it.

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