Melbourne’s Kaiya is touching upon a subject we have all struggled with as of late in her ruminating new single “Introspect”. 

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Written at the height of Australia’s national lockdown, Kaiya wrestles with the concept of isolation, and the capricious feelings that come with being stuck in your own company for too long. Recorded in her bedroom, the track samples lo-fi 808 beats in accompaniment to her delicate yet dazzling vocals, with a true authenticity that feels as though it is a diary extract. 

Growing up in a household of Turkish music, Kaiya discovered her own flair through hip-hop, using it as a gateway to maneuver through the likes of neo-soul, 50’s jazz and R&B, where she found her own feet. With her biggest inspirations, Frank Ocean, Miguel and Ella Fitzgerald, evident within her music, her expertise at fusing genres is a talent that comes to her with ease. A technically trained ballet dancer, the artistic discipline she has practised since childhood has helped her to develop a truly special relationship with making music,
often stopping to dance in the middle of creating.

A soundtrack to these strange times, “Introspect” speaks a familiar language to all, and Kaiya’s beautifully articulate production shows the signs of someone to watch.

What’s the writing process?

For me the writing process generally means listening to a beat through once and beginning to write lyrics to the melodies that come through to me on that first listen. I then listen back once more and finish it up, fill in any gaps and sing it through. Allowing for that beautiful quick rush of inspiration clears any other thinking and helps me to be spontaneous with what I create. Sometimes I’ll go back over and play with structure, find some samples and play with the beat too.


Talk us through the new track?

I wrote Introspect in response to the challenges of the pandemic. Where I’m from in Melbourne Australia we locked the heck down and I wanted nothing more than to inspire some hope and faith in the community again. The vocals in the final mix were literally recorded in my bedroom during stage 4 lock down. I go back and read the lyrics myself like a journal entry anytime lock down starts getting the better of me.


What made you want to get into music?

I knew from a really young age what I wanted to do, I was so inspired by musical artists and how much they support the world by laying their hearts out and trusting their craft. I love creating music and if what I love can inspire love in others, it’s worth turning up for and pursuing for me.


What was the last track you played on Spotify?



What other talents do you have?

I love dancing so much, I have a similar process with how I write music too in that I’ll just play a track and groove it out and see what magic comes out. Give me a tune and I’m dancing haha.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Right now the best piece of advice I’ve been remembering is that, there are no such things as mistakes only lessons.’ As artists this is such an important thing to remember being as there no real linear way about going on this journey!


How are you coping with lockdown?

I really reminded myself that I could look at my current situation as a tragedy or an opportunity. I felt inspired with that mindset, to do that online class I always wanted to do, read that book, write that track, do those stretches, meditate and get my head right. It’s incredible to have this kind of time and really spend some honest time with our demons and face them head on. I reminded myself as much as I could that I’d be coming out of this stronger and wiser than I went in, that motivated me heaps.


What come first lyrics or music?

It changes for each project for me but in the case of Introspect, the beat came first and then the lyrics. I went through beat by beat until one hit my soul and the lyrics just flows out of me like magic. I love those moments.


If you could collaborate with any band / person / producer who would it be?

This ones tough and I’ve been answering this one a lot lately so I’m going to change it up and say Andre 3000. His creative mind just blows me away, he is other worldly. Masego comes in at a close second, I love his attention to detail and his unique flare, untouchable.


Where can we find out more?

I post most of my updates and sneak peeks to instagram @thesupremekaiya and everything is also over on my website