Introducing Nalgo Bay with new single ‘Taxi’

Take Fleetwood Mac, add spice, grit, driving guitars with edgy dual vocals and NALGO BAY is what comes out.

Featuring vocalists Terri-Ann Prendergast & Harry Bullen the band sit comfortably somewhere between Snow Patrol, Deaf Havana & Florence and the Machine.


Filled with intensity & ferocity, it’s hard to ignore the intense vocal performances and the off-the-cuff raw sound. Described by Tonspion as “sheer energy”, their records radiate passion through lyrical wit & fearless northern spirit.

Please Introduce yourself in less than ten words…..

High energy has fiercely driven alt-rock with dual vocals Hi 🙂

What has been the best gig you’ve ever played, and why?

This year we played York Pride alongside Pennine Suite, The Palava & Harley Moon Kemp. It was such a great day, thousands of people celebrating in the sunshine. We were proud to be a part of it.

What’s the scene like where you are from?

There used to be a lot of cool venues in Scarborough, but over the years, they’ve sadly disappeared one by one. But the love of live music is coming back to the town and there is some awesome stuff happening on a boat down on the South Bay. It’s called Sessions Ont ship & every month, they showcase original bands from Yorkshire. We played the first gig there along with Anthea Drive and Pennine Suite and it was such a great night. You can feel a real scene emerging and people are craving new music, it’s really exciting.

What other bands do we need to be checking out right now?

There is a lot of talent kicking about right now on the unsigned scene and we’re loving The Hazy Janes. We heard them live in session on Jericho Keys BBC Introducing and were blown away. You can imagine how chuffed we were when they asked us to support them on December 10th at The Victoria Vaults!

What was the last track you played on Spotify?

The last track we’ve got on our recently played is Empress by Snow Patrol from the reworked album. It’s absolutely class. If you haven’t heard that album yet get it on immediately! We went to watch them at Lytham Festival this year and they were out of this world. Snow Patrol are a big inspiration to us, we love their raw honest lyrics.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

We would love to see more focus on music, events and opportunity up in the North! A lot of focus is still on the South and London but there is good stuff up here and a massive pool of talent. There are some amazing recording studios up north including one opening next year in our hometown of Scarborough called Beckview Studios. It would be ace to see musicians coming up north to record, spreading the wealth of talent across the country.

What come first lyrics or music?

It depends on a lot of things. Usually its music, but sometimes the words are a starting point and inspiration can strike at random times. Whichever leads though, it’s always about rhythm, a riff or a drum beat or the rhythm of the words. The lyrics in our song Amsterdam were a big part of the song writing and the rhythm of the word AM-STER_DAM heavily dictated the chorus melody. Whereas some people write entire songs without lyrics ours usually always go hand in hand together, encouraging each other on along the song writing path.

If you could open for any act who would it be?

We would love to support The Feens, these lads are doing great things, their songs are bangers and they are from our hometown!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

We love watching music documentaries and recently stumbled upon a Dave Grohl ‘What Drives Us’ featuring loads of great musicians. Our takeaway and something we’ve always worked hard at is just to gig, gig, gig as much as possible. Play your songs in front of people as much as you can. There’s no better advice for a musician starting out. Just get out there and play!

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

We recently heard a mix of The Black Skies track by George Shilling and we thought it was awesome. It’s different to our usual style but sometimes those collaborations can produce something magic, so yeah we would love to work with George.

Talk us through the new track.

Our next track was recorded at Young Thugs Studio in York and it’s called Taxi. We shot an awesome music video to this track too so we’re really excited for people to see/hear it. It’s out on the 5th August!

Where can we find out more?

We can be found on social media @nalgobayband and be sure to follow us on Tiktok as we tend to post more live stripped back versions of our music on there!

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