Introducing Siimon and his latest rendition of an iconic Coldplay album

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One of the most successful UK bands ever, Coldplay have achieved the unachievable. Over 100 major awards including nine BritAwards and seven Grammys, over 100 million copies sold across their seven number one albums and countless hit singles, the 4 piece have now reached the 20th anniversary of their second album ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’.

Introduce yourself in less than 10 words…..

I’m SIIMON singer songwriter from Kent and part-time Chris Martin.

What was the last track you played on Spotify?

Stayin Alive – Isaac Stuart – awesome take on the song

What would be on your rider?

Redbull and pineapple juice, and a piano in the dressing room !

What other talents do you have? (kazop playing, champion toast burner….

I have a masters degree in business and have shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar and President Clinton. I even wrote a best selling business book!

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

To give artists a fair share of the revenue, I’m just about to hit 1 million streams and revenue doesnt come close to covering the studio time for recording the tracks.

What other bands do we need to be checking out right now?

Right now I’m listening to James TW on repeat!

What’s in store for you when all this is over?

Looking forward to the live music scene fully coming back and getting out there, started to get some nice gigs back in the diary

How are you coping with lockdown?

With the lockdown stopping live gigs I used the down time to record 2 original albums and my new cover album ‘A Rush of Strings To The Head’ – a string version of the Coldplay classic for its 20 th anniversary

Where can we find out more? (also flog us some merch we love tees…..) has links to all my socials and musc

Talk us through the new track / video

My new track is a string version of Coldpay classic ‘In My Place’ re arranged in a stripped back string quartet style. Its part of my new album with is complete cover album A Rush Of Blood To The Head, Coldplays most succesful album released 20 years ago.

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