Introducing Substantial and KD Foxx’s atmospheric new single ‘Your Greatest Weapon’


Maryland-born MC, producer, artist and educator Substantial teams up with KDFoxx for one of the best collaborations you’ll hear this year. Working together on the new track ‘Your Great Weapon’ it’s safe to say this project is certainly turning heads across the globe. Legendary rapper/activist, Chuck D of Public Enemy referred to Substantial as “One of the great MCs of our time.” His soulful and introspective brand of rap has received critical acclaim from The Source, HipHopDX,,, and

Introduce yourself in less than 10 words…..

Substantial: I am Substantial. MC, producer, artist, educator, and author.
KD: I’m KDFoxx. Manga Artist and observer of all things unseen.

How did you all meet?

Substantial: The Interwebs
KD: Haha, yep! The internet is a wonderful place to connect if you use it right!

How is lock down effecting the music scene?

Substantial: It’s forcing creatives to pivot and innovate because many are struggling and audiences are finding new ways to discover and consume music.
KD: It has made artists of all kinds begin to look at their craft in a different light, and try new things. Personally, I like the re-emergence of animated music videos and the recent uptick in music+visual art collaborations. I hope we start to see more of it as the years progress!

Talk us through the new track / video

KD: The title was inspired by a poem I had written during my undergrad years called Unheard Cacophony. The poem highlighted the individualism of artists and how they should view their different perspectives and talents as weapons in a world seeking to dismantle people who are identified as ‘other’.
Substantial: Your Greatest Weapon is a mellow groove, filled with moving bass, chopped samples, and live vibraphone courtesy of Malcolm Jackson on the production side. On vocals, I rhyme about perseverance and empowerment backed by MLLN’s silky vocals.

Where can we find out more? (also flog us some merch we love tees…..)

Both: | |

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

KD: To get people interested in treating behind the scenes work of projects with more respect mentally and monetarily. Everyone is quick to consume content without taking into regard how much time and effort goes into the craft- and many times the ones who do the groundwork receive so little for it. Many creative entities and organizations today are working to change that.
Substantial: I’d change the perception that there's not enough room for all us. No one can take your spot. What's meant for you will always be and there’s more than enough out here for all of us.

What was the last track you played on Spotify?

KD: Theivery Corperation – Depth of My Soul (Symphonik Version)
Substantial: Tobe Nwigwe – EAT

What made you want to get into music?

Substantial: I’ve loved music forever and my peers. In high school, we would rap our favorite songs at the lunch table. When my voice changed, my homies started to say that I sounded better than some of the artists we listened to so I started to write my own rhymes and eventually make my own beats.

What has been the best gig you’ve ever played and why?

Substantial: A tie between Otakon 2019 in Washington, DC and Pipe in Taipei, Taiwan, 2011. Both crowds were super dope and in both cases what I thought I was walking into and what we witnessed was beautiful. Packed venues, great vibes, and good times.

What would be on your rider?

Substantial: Water, Fresh fruit (mandarin oranges, bananas, etc.), Ginger Honey Tea, Pita chips, hummus, and fresh towels.

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