Introducing The New Video from Manchester’s crush For Their New Single ‘Chewed’


Chewed, the latest offering from Manchester based four piece crush sees the band take a different sonic direction. Leaning on dense instrumentation and texture Chewed discusses the vulnerability and rejection felt in a personal crisis.

Chewed is a song packed full of lush expansive guitar tones that woozily encapsulates the state of limbo often found whilst coming to terms with a breakdown in friendships and relationships. Amber Warren’s delicate vocals glide through the track in an almost trance-like state, playfully bouncing off the melodic guitar.

Of the single, Warren explains: “We wrote Chewed during a period of self-reflection during lockdown. The lyrics are about coming to the realisation that some relationships in your life are bound to expire, but inevitably you find the right people for you. The track was also about developing our sound as a band, we wanted to experiment more and lean into our love of shoegaze. The result of this was Chewed.”

We caught up with the band following the release of their video:

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

We’re Crush a shoegaze four-piece band from Manchester with a love of quoting tv shows and spending time creating beautiful walls of cacophony.

You’ve just released your new single ‘Chewed’. What’s the story behind that?

Chewed is about friendships dissolving and coming to the realisation that you have outgrown them.

It’s seen you shift away from the dreampop of previous singles to a more shoegaze aesthetic. Was this a deliberate decision or something more organic?

It’s defiantly a deliberate one we’ve been aiming to create a more shoegaze based sound for us since the start of the band. Chewed marks the start of our shoegaze era with the songs coming after chewed being nosier and heavier in the shoegaze spectrum.

Shoegaze is enjoying something of a revival of late. Are there any bands you think we should be checking out?

Definitely one of them bands that have been around for a few years now but don’t get enough love is Ringo Deathstar, others also being Diiv, Slowdive, LSD And the Search for God, as well as My Bloody Valentine the granddaddy’s of shoegaze.

It was recently made John Kennedy’s Xposure Hot One over on Radio X. How was that for you?

It was a really satisfying feeling to see our song on Radio X as it shows us that the work we put in making and pushing our music is paying off. All we want is as many people to enjoy are music as possible.

Every band has dealt with the UK’s various lockdowns in their own way. How did it effect you guys?

We have each been playing and writing parts for new song ideas and just preparing our setlist for our first gigs back which is the only thing on are minds at the moment. We really can’t wait to show of all the new material we have created to our audience.

Perhaps more importantly, what did you to get yourselves through it?

Without sounding to cringe a big part of what got us though lockdown especially the first one was each other. We always FaceTimed and chatted and shared our song ideas with one another and made sure we were all coping well.

Now that lockdowns are lifting have you got any plans for gigs, or a tour lined up?

We have a big headline gig in Manchester at Gulliver’s on the 31st of august, which we have been locking forwarded to play since we were supposed to play it last year, as well as other gigs that are yet to be announced. Hopefully this year will be a very busy one for us.

Finally, what can we expect from you guys as the year progresses?

Don’t want to give too much away but more is coming so follow us on all social media to keep up to date and we will be seeing you all soon when gigs are back.


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