Nesreen AlShoura Profile
Nesreen AlShoura Profile

To the Manchester business community – you are great!

From being the cradle of the industrial revolution to being a foundation for a new, fresh, entrepreneurial revolution.

Manchester is showcasing many exciting and ambitious, small and medium-sized businesses that are spanning a diverse range of sectors and are aspiring GROWTH. Which can be a bit of a challenge?

Now, what is growth? And how does it happen?

Let us take a closer look here to understand growth in order to be able to achieve it and enjoy it.

Business growth is a journey, and it starts with business INPUTS.

These are the physical resources like office space, internet connectivity, equipment and materials.

Next, these physical resources are aligned with the efforts provided by human resources, i.e., Your team.

Both inputs are then wisely organised to produce OUTPUTS, which are tangible results like products or services.

Outputs are directly related to performance, and this performance is responsible for; the success in reaching the last station of this journey and that is; business results or what you can call the financial OUTCOMES.

At the core of business performance and its quality, sits the harmony between strategy, culture, plans and people. The better the congruence between these elements, the better the performance and, accordingly, the better the execution.

Execution in business is all about transforming strategies and plans into financial outcomes.

Unfortunately, we cannot ignore that it is quite notable in the business world that there are always many plans with only a few achieved or poorly achieved.

And who is to blame? The strategy and the shortcomings of the execution plans that come along with it have always taken the blame.

The reality is that no matter how smart and clever the strategy is, it is entirely of no value at all if it is poorly executed.

Because the challenge is not to think strategically—it is to act strategically. This gap here between strategy and execution is the real problem; it is what I like to call a ‘weak execution culture’.

This ‘weak execution culture’ exists not because of the challenges around the strategy itself but because of other difficulties around people and their behaviours.

Some organisations communicate their strategy day in and day out without realising that doing so, is not enough to drive execution because knowing is one thing while doing and executing are another.

You can realise fantastic business outcomes only when your team is super aligned with the business strategy and laser-focused on the goals of the business to execute the right activities that the organisation needs then and there to achieve its aspired success.

Achieving strategic alignment through all levels is crucial for organisations, especially small and medium businesses.

It helps you and your team identify what matters most to your business and shape the right plan to achieve your company’s strategic purposes and goals with a workforce that is sharp, focused, willing, involved, committed, and accountable at all times in accomplishing the right objectives.

Creating a great performance and achieving great results requires alignment.

Precisely like a musical performance; you need to compose the music, but you also need to know how to conduct the orchestra.

By: Nesreen AlShoura.

Nesreen is the co-founder of Train Intensive. She is specialised in change facilitation and enablement, strategy development and employee engagement. Nesreen designs and delivers bespoke learning and development solutions that are aligned with her clients’ organisational goals to help them achieve their strategy.

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