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We join the lovely Sofia Spencer’s anti-bullying campaign/ workshops in and around Manchester and Tameside.

You’ll probably recognise Sofia from working on shows like:- The soap Doctors for BBC  / Coronation Street / Heartbeat / Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps  / Dalziel and Pascoe Marion again / Crime watch plus many more…

You know the score back in the day ( a million years ago ) it was a beating if you wore the wrong trainers, you were the wrong shape, if you were the wrong size, if you had ginger hair, a swot, well off, poor, anything really, it didn’t matter, a bully will always find something to pick on, walking the long way home to avoid a kicking was a regular event for most of us I am sure, none of us is alone, we have all felt the fear.

Still Different 😉
Now we live under the microscope of the social media age it seems more psychological, this doesn’t mean to say bullying is less painful or damaging, probably more so.
A diminishing confidence is not only confined to the victim, bullies also suffer from a crisis of self-worth, everyone loses, bullying a bully is self-defeating, help is for all.

a teenage girl being bullied by text message


Why the anti-bullying campaign?
I have personal experience of the bullying culture and I have also witnessed it affecting others both clients and friends:
One of my younger clients has been so badly bullied she attempted suicide.
I was bullied at school and I had to move.
My ex-boyfriend bullied me so bad I didn’t want to be here.
One of my older clients and a friend who owns a bar which has been smashed up after online bullies taunted him.

What are you hoping to achieve overall with the campaign?
To reach out to victims of bullying and try to help bring them an understanding of what is going on, why their individual experience is not so unique, others are probably sharing the same experience, but they are not aware of it. I am also hoping to reach out to bullies to bring an understanding of what bullying is. It comes in many forms and how it affects people and the consequences of their actions. I have had members of my family try to bully me throughout my life, even today, but I have been given support, learned to be strong, face up to people and not accept that, because I appear to be ‘different’, it does not give anybody the right to try to make me a victim.

What advice would you give to someone being bullied?
Not to suffer alone to share what is going on with anybody that they feel comfortable confiding in. I will let them know that there are others in their position and that help is available, it is just being brave and accessing the information which they feel comfortable with. But most importantly report it.
What would you say to a bully, if you could tell them how it feels to be bullied?

Take a good long look in the mirror, are you so perfect?
What makes you think that you have the right to interfere in my life uninvited, what makes you tick to sink to the level you have.

Many kids would say they don’t want to be seen as a grass or may fear the consequences of telling, what would you say to that?
What is happening to them is real and should not be tolerated. It is not something that should be faced alone and sharing the experience will help. Don’t forget you are the innocent party in this, it is the bullies who should be prepared to face the consequences of their actions, not you.

sad pupil being bullied by classmates at the corridor in school

All of us have a role model/ hero. Who is yours?
My Dad! He has taught us to be tolerant of others, that there are two sides to every story, respect others and their views; to accept that their views may not be the same as mine but that is no reason to hate. To be prepared to face up to life and people, to be honest about yourself, who I am, to accept that people are different and are capable of being good as well as bad. That there are bad people out there who should be confronted with every possible opportunity whilst making sure it is done properly and safely. To not give in to fear, and talk about our problems. Most of all to be confident in who I am, learn and develop myself at every opportunity; from taking the good and bad points of others as examples. He actually lives to these values, is not afraid to openly love people close to him, except that he is responsible for his actions and is not afraid to be hated.

We live in a great city, what is your favourite aspect of Manchester?
Manchester is Manchester, the diversity of the people makes the city great and be able to have pride in who they are, and overcome tragedy.

Every city has its dark side, what is Manchester’s worst aspect?
I don’t tend to be negative about people and places, if I had to pick a negative about Manchester it would be the social conditions which some people are placed into, living in slums or on the street, which should never happen in a civilised society.

Elms bank academy, Whitefield (Which I have done and booked a return)
Alder Grange high school, Rawtenstall,
St Anne’s Primary Edgeside
Heaton Primary.
Workshops at Streetstar Studio.

If you are struggling with bullying or are a victim or perpetrator, please feel free to contact us at gobrutal@hotmail.co.uk or Enquiries@sofiaspencerofficial.com for more help and advice, all communications are in the strictest of confidence.

With thanks to Sofia for her valuable time. 
David Charlesworth  @GOBRUTAL  #courageoverfear



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