Karen McBride on life as a female photographer. I AM GUILTY!!!

Crawling around sticky photo pits at concerts or wading through the rubbish drenched backstreets of Manchester, it's all just fine with me.


My life has taken on many guises, challenges, and routes.

In my work and private life I follow my heart, whether I’m baking cakes or taking portraits it doesn’t seem to make any difference, my heart is my heart, and I wear it on my sleeve.

I’m not a housewife; I was at one point, it didn’t work out.

What I am though is this… I’m guilty.

I am a woman, a photographer; I take pictures with my big old camera.
Crawling around sticky photo pits at concerts or wading through the rubbish drenched backstreets of Manchester, it’s all just fine with me.
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Hell, I’ve been at it for so long that I’m not sure I’d function well without taking some kind of picture, in some gritty place, I love that It still thrills me and as long as it does I intend to carry on being, thrilled.
I’ve often wondered what ‘they’ meaning the client think when they see me lay on the ground in an awkward position trying to get ‘that shot’ or bent over adjusting the lighting stand or moving crap out of the way, so I don’t have to f*ck about editing it out in photoshop.
Does the thought of sex come into it, or are they oblivious to it all as much as I am?
Does the picture come first for them too?


STELLY GRUNDY .. in Character as TRACY STARR. Image Karen McBride Photography
It’s taken me a long time to understand what I am as a woman, by that I mean I’ve come to love living in my ageing body, with its curves, lines, scars, spots and stretch marks.
This is not about the internal scars because we become very good at hiding them, even my hands aren’t as smooth as they once were, but it doesn’t bother me as long as I can hold my big chunky camera then all will be alright.
It’s a curious thing dressing for the shoot, I mean it’s not an office, so we don’t need to think about wearing a suit, men can wear what they want, scruffy jeans and a ragged t-shirt and they still look great even not shaving makes them look sexier in my opinion.
For me though, my choice will often mean leggings a short skirt and a t-shirt with a v neck cut into it, I always purchase men’s t-shirts as they always seem to have the best designs on them.
That’s why mine has V’s cut into the neck, and besides, in my opinion, big breasts always look better with a low cut top, more because the expanse of space that a crew neck creates messes with my composition.


Slash in concert. Image: Karen McBride Photography
The short skirt just means my female body is a bit more discreet, that’s why I wear my leggings underneath, especially as sometimes sitting on the floor getting that shot again means my legs will often be spread akimbo…
So, I suppose at the end of it all I truly am guilty, guilty of trying to reduce the element of sexual thoughts towards me as a female photographer.

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What an excellent insight into a female photographers life. We thank Karen for her contribution and wish her wonderful success in her passion for photography. 

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