LA based R&B Pop artist Marlee Quirarte unleashes new single ‘Know Me’


Los Angeles based R&B vocalist and songwriter Marlee Quirarte is clearly stating she’s one to watch in new single ‘Know Me’. Receiving support from BBC Radio 1Xtra and Voyage LA Magazine, Marlee will certainly be the talk of the town if the soulful new offering is anything to go by. Prominently based around a chilled, ethereal soundscape, ‘Know Me’ builds into an energetic pop ballad with addictive vocals throughout. 

Introduce yourself in less than 10 words…..

Marlee Quirarte- an LA-based R&B/Pop songwriter/Vocalist.
What made you want to get into music?

Since I was young I would entertain myself singing and dancing in my room. I guess I never saw it as “me getting into music” but rather the music just decided for me- even when I had other interests in mind.

What’s the writing process?

My writing process ranges from writing lyrics first & a melody in my head- then taking to an instrumentalist/producer and shaping it. OR, becoming inspired by a sound in the studio, then writing lyrics off of that!  (I prefer to be inspired by a sound then write).
Other talents?

I know it sounds super weird, but I can actually bah like a sheep. I used to find it super funny as a young girl & people became familar with the fact I could do it so well- so even as an adult people will ask me to do it. Lol
If I could open for any band/solo act who would it be?

I would love to open for Snoh Aalegra, i love her music.
If I could collaborate with any band/producer/ who would it be?

This is hard. I would probably choose Timbaland/Pharrell as a producer. I am really inspired by a lot of their work and think we could do something really innovative & cool.
Best Advice ever given:

having this incredible work ethic, and owning who you are as if you were the popular opinion at the moment are key components to success. It’s this uncanny ability to keep going even when all odds are working against you. it’s the only way.

What’s in store for the future?

a new album, merch, right now I am building momentum for what is to come!

*you can follow me on my instagram, twitter. @marleequirarte. & my website as well- I will be updating my merch that is coming soon t shirts, etc. 🙂 Home | Marlee Quirarte
How do you transfer the on stage energy to the studio?

easy, tapping into an experience whether that be a sad one, a happy one, heartbreak, grief, loss, etc. It’s sort of the same process for me at least..
Tell us about the new release

The track is inspired by an experience I felt someone did not know who I really was. They questioned my character, and that deeply hurt me when it was happening. The importance of it all is understanding that you are not here to be accepted by people, but to encourage growth, and just be a better person every day. It’s really about believing yourself over what everybody else THINKS or BELIEVES of you.
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