‘Light as a Feather / Jenny’s Song’ fund-raising, MacMillan


‘Light as a Feather / Jenny’s Song’ was written in memory of my cousin Jenny, who lost her four-year battle with cancer in May 2018.

Inspired by her bravery, and in trying to recognise the devastating loss her immediate family have suffered, the song seemed the only way I knew of to honour Jenny’s memory.

About Jenny,

Jenny was a beautiful lady, inside and out, and brave too.
She was selfless throughout her battle, always thinking of others rather than herself.
Death is inexplicable in any circumstances, but when it happens to someone in the prime of their life, and because of a disease we are so often told we are close to defeating, the scale of the hurt is just monstrous. A Sad Song?
I know the song is sad, and it has undoubtedly been strange to write and record a song that touches on our collective and inevitable mortality, but I hope it’s uplifting in some way too.
I wanted it to reflect what Jenny might like to say to all those who loved her; from ‘up on high’ somewhere to her husband, her Mum and Dad, her sister, brother and indeed extended family and many friends.
But it is perhaps a universal message that everyone who ever lost anyone can relate to as well.

About MacMillan Cancer Care

Most people already know that MacMillan provides immeasurable comfort and care to individuals and their families when they are facing up to this disease, and it does so precisely when they need help the most.
Jenny received excellent care from MacMillan nurses, and so one of her final wishes was for people to raise money for this fantastic charity.
That’s why I set up this video here, as well as a memorial fund-raising page here: justgiving.com/fundraising…
We all need to care about helping individuals and families suffering in these genuinely awful circumstances.
So if my song has moved you, in any way at all, please donate whatever you can.
We are aiming at reaching £10,000 for MacMillan, but whatever sum we can raise will be an incredible legacy for Jenny.
Gift Aid And if you sign up for the Gift Aid option we can get government help too;
I understand that HMRC will donate a further 25p for every pound we raise!
Thank you! Meanwhile… thanks for coming, thanks for listening, thanks for sharing the ‘Light as a Feather / Jenny’s Song’ video …. and thanks in advance for any donation you make to MacMillan. Every penny WILL make a difference …
Love and fortitude to any suffering from this terrible disease, Mark James Ross, Manchester, England 21st July 2018 W: https://www.markjamesross.co.uk
E: info@markjamesross.co.uk T: https://twitter.com/markrosstweets YouTube: Search for ‘Light as a Feather / Jenny’s Song’ at www.youtube.com
Would you like to donate and help us raise £10,000?
justgiving.com/fundraising… ++++++++++++++++ NOTES:
‘Light as a Feather’ was filmed on an iPhone SE in South Uist, the Outer Hebrides during June 2018.
The additional 4K footage is courtesy of iStock.com.
This song is now available on iTunes and other major audio-streaming platforms.
All relevant copyrights reserved.



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