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Have you heard the news, diesel is now the new arch enemy to our environment, and in time, will apparently be devastating to both diesel car owners’ pockets, as well as further impacting upon our planet’s air quality?

What’s your opinion?
Where do you stand as a motorist?

Will you be lured away from diesel to a more “bio-friendly” fuel for environmental reasons or are you on the fence until the next set of vehicle taxation legislation is published?

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Here are the facts……

There is obviously a global issue with an estimated 29,000 deaths a year being attributed to poor air quality.

Given this, air pollution targets were put in place by the UK government several years ago, which has been breached for the last seven years.

Given the failings, something drastic obviously needs to happen!

There has been talking of road tax increases, fuel levies, inner Town and City charges for the most polluted areas, scrappage schemes, a ban on new petrol and diesel cars are planned from 2040 and grant subsidy schemes for electric car purchases.

As it stands, the 2040 ban is the only strategy that seems to be gathering traction which would effectively outlaw 98% of the vehicles currently on the road.

Local councils have been delegated responsibility for the reduction of air pollution in their own geographical areas together with a portion of funding. These are expected to be seen by 2020.

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As it stands, there is a lot of talks, but precious little firm policy decision (apart from the new VED bands introduced for cars registered after 1st April 2017).

However, the rhetoric and government lobbying is coming thick and fast from all directions with environmentalists and liberalists insisting more can and should be done.

During a recent trip to the Middle East, Ms May said: “In relation to the issue of diesel cars, obviously we will be producing a new air quality plan, we’ve been required to do that by the courts.

“Decisions will be taken when we produce that plan – obviously we will take final decisions as to what we do.

“But I’m very conscious of the fact that past governments have encouraged people to buy diesel cars and we need to take that into account when we’re looking at what we do in the future.”

Confusing isn’t it?!

The fact is that diesel vehicles have lower running costs than their petrol counterparts.

Technology is not sufficiently developed enough to allow electric vehicles to meet the needs of most people’s lifestyle, nor are they anywhere near as affordable as initial purchase prices are comparatively high.

From an outsider looking in, it’s relatively obvious that there is a lot at stake for the government given that the cost of a litre of fuel on average is made up of 57.95p fuel duty, 20-25p VAT and 5p retailer margin.

Simply put, this obviously needs managing very carefully to avoid economic disruption.

So…. will you sit on the fence and see what happens or prime yourself to snap up a bargain?!

By – John Dawson

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