Music to our children’s ears

How often do we, as adults, just feel HAPPY?


How often do we, as adults, just feel HAPPY? No reason… just happy? There is so much else to focus our energy on…money, housework, juggling work with children, the list goes on!!


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just laugh and play for no reason except to have fun?

Well, our children could teach us a thing or two about that!

According to recent scientific studies around Positive Psychology (the scientific study of Happiness), there are ten keys to happier living. The research suggests that these consistently tend to have a positive impact on our overall happiness and well-being.

So how can we, as parents of young children, incorporate these things into our lives? We’re already so busy!!

Well, getting involved in a music & movement class with your pre-schooler is a wonderful way to bring more happiness into both yours and your child’s life. Singing to your children allows you to just focus on them and enjoy the moment. Forget the washing, work, dinner, blah blah blah, for just a short time and laugh, sing and play together through making music.

In my experience, parents want to come to a class with their child that they enjoy as well. It can be a lonely business being at home with a small child sometimes and coming to a class where you can share the fun enjoyment of music together brings genuine joy to everyone. I always want my children and the grown-ups to leave class with big smiles on their faces.

Jo Jingles is the highlight of their week, many parents tell me it is THEIR favourite activity (as well as their childs!) so why not try us out. You will get a free trial week. We also go into schools and nurseries as we have a strong educational base that follows the EYFS.

So, going back to some of these “keys” to happiness, how can we achieve them at a music and movement class?

Connecting with People – you get to meet other families at a pre-school class and many of my customers have formed very strong friendships through attending class.

Taking Care of your Body – a good music and movement class will encourage both YOU and your child to get up and get moving. A mixture of dancing and action songs will get you both exercising together while having fun.

Learning New Things – Most of us do not suddenly have a repertoire of songs in our arsenal the minute we have a child! We have to re-learn old ones and learn new ones that the children will love.

Jo Jingles – the HAPPY class! Classes every Wednesday at St.Martins’s Church, Castleton.



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