What's it like having ADHD in this industry, does it affect you?


TV  /  Radio  /  Events Presenter  /  DJ

We’re excited to introduce Ryan from Malton a little village in Yorkshire, he’s such a lucky lad getting to meet and mingle with celebs up and down the country, from Tony Bellew, Shayne Ward, Miriam Magolyes, Keith Lemon, Ronan Keating, Happy Monday’s, Paul Gascogne, Shed Seven,  DJ Tom Zanetti, Toploader, REEF, FATMAN Scoop, Calum Best and the list goes on.

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He’s also (this sounds cheesy but you guys will be envious for sure) a car sales executive for the very Premier Specialist Cars of Malton.

Showcasing an exclusive range of Porsches like you’ve never seen before.
It’s definitely worth a visit.

Image – Dave Kilcourse

How did you get into the entertainment industry?

I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer since I was young. I started going to all the local performing arts clubs even though I couldn’t sing, and can’t dance very well, but I knew I had Razzle Dazzle, I started taking an interest in DJin at the age 14 and was introduced to a microphone, which from the moment I picked it up felt comfortable in speaking and entertaining large crowds.

I started MCin as I had a passion for poetry and started composing lyrics to go along with my tunes.

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Then I got into comedy as I’ve always been a class-clown and had a knack for making people laugh and smile in any situation, I started taking my jokes and observations to stand-up comedy open mic nights in and around Yorkshire.

I was then asked to audition as Haven Funstar, Butlins Redcoat, but it was Flamingo Land Resort who had a outstanding reputation for entertainment picked up on my talents and gave me a full time position as lead presenter which I am thankful for as it kick started my career as a professional presenter and entertainer which gave me a platform to trial new ideas and write new material weekly to a different audience.

I still go back to Flamingo Land as resident host to present all of there big events and concerts.

Image – Dave Kilcourse

What’s it like having ADHD in this industry, does it affect you?

The two go hand in hand as a presenter you have to be quick witted and have very sharp improvisational skills just in case something doesn’t go to plan on stage so you are always thinking of your next lines and cues which my ADHD gives me the ability to do.

However it can have its dark times which most people don’t see, I’ve been lucky enough to have amazing family support and a great network of friends to inspire me to learn and overcome it naturally, I was diagnosed with it very late due to been failed in school, told I’d never achieve anything as I was different, but I wasn’t different at all, I just had ADHD which wasn’t a big thing, when I was younger growing up and was more or less unheard of.

I trialled medication for while when I was older which didn’t agree with me I was hospitalised, it nearly killed me due to an allergic reaction and my sensitive intolerance to drugs.

After that, I decided I’d never go near them again and the best medicine to overcome anything is acceptance, we’re all different in our own ways and I am now a big advocate nationally for mental health awareness and ADHD.

One of my inspirations in the show business growing up was Jim Carey and can see myself in him, we have so many similarities, looks, charisma and the physical ability to make people laugh.

I also base my stage presence on my idol Liam Gallagher and usually play rock n roll star before most gigs to get myself psyched up, that’s in terms of appearance, in terms of entertainment as a presenter, Ant & Dec are great, I like Rylan Clarke he’s an underrated TV personality I like him a lot and I also like Dermot O Leary and can see myself one day presenting a program like The X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent

Ryan showing us some love. Image – Dave Kilcourse

Where do you want to be, what is your goal?

My goal is to break full time on to TV, I’ve presented for local TV & Radio but I feel ready to emerge and break in to daytime TV, I would love to have my own chat show called “An Evening With…” where I invited a celebrity guest on in front of a live audience and talk in-depth about their lives in front of a live audience.

I could see myself presenting a show like The X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent or maybe even Big Brother, I’m very versatile with presenting and have the personality to suit anything

Is having twins a nightmare?

The twins aren’t the nightmare, it’s the not sleeping that is. My twins Ivy-Kay and Isla-Yasmin are my world and my beautiful fiancée, Natalia, I’m so proud of them. Never in my life did I think we’d ever have one child let alone twins. We bought one and got one free!

Who is the most famous person you have met?

I have been very privileged and have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in showbiz.

I think my favourite has to be Keith Lemon as we both have a similar sense of humour and Noel Gallagher was cool and I’ve also hosted a range of nights with Paul Gazza Gascoigne, Frank Bruno and Boxing stars, and other various names from stage and screen.

Visit Malton Yorkshire’s food capital – Image – Dave Kilcourse

What’s your interest in sports cars, apart from the obvious?

If I’m honest I haven’t always been a petrol-head, I’m lucky enough to have a full-time job during in the week at Specialist Cars Of Malton which Europe’s Premier Porsche Specialist, as a sales executive which I love, I take a keen interest in especially older and more classic cars.

My boss John is very supportive of my entertainment work outside of the office.

I have to have a normal job as well to be able to afford to live and sustain my family, I’ve never not had a job, I’ve always had a work ethic, I can hopefully inspire my kids growing up as I think people are so disillusioned by show-business and think anyone who works in it or has been seen on tv or stage earns a load of money and that couldn’t be further than the truth.

Editor – Caroline Dowse

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