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I’ve helped kids to avoid a life of crime.
Saved kids from abuse.
Designed projects to tackle our homelessness crisis.
Supported rough sleepers into accommodation.
I believe many of our problems are a direct consequence of our system of governance.
I run a successful charity and business.
I am used to creating teams that deliver success.

It’s time to put the GREAT back into Greater Manchester.

Policing Pledge
A back to basics approach which tackles violent crime, reduces antisocial behaviour, protects our children and patrols our streets.

Accountability Pledge
Introduce a waste and incompetence reporting hotline, highlight and correct mistakes in the public sector and hold our public servants to account.

Environmental Pledge
Yes to clean air, no to the congestion charge.
Yes to new houses, no to building on the Green Belt.

Homelessness Pledge
End rough sleeping in a year—or I will resign.

“Reform UK believes in common sense, returning all freedoms back to the people and stopping wasteful spending. We will reopen Greater Manchester as soon as possible and we want to reboot the economy by cutting taxes for the lowest paid. We will require police to focus on preventing crime and catching criminals, not woke nonsense.

We will oppose vaccine passports and we will commit to no more lockdowns, to freedom of speech and to preserving our incredible cultural heritage.

I hope you will vote for change by voting for Nick.”

Richard Tice
Leader, Reform UK

Prevent Crime
Catch Criminals
Restore Confidence

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Prepared by the candidate, Nick Buckley who is acting as his own agent.

reformparty.uk 0800 414 8525