Nigel Cartner, Author of “Lost in Manchester, Found in Vegas” Exclusive Interview

Nigel Cartner Author, of “[amazon_textlink asin=’1911596349′ text=’Lost in Manchester, Found in Vegas’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’al0af-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’b32ece8b-495f-11e8-9261-39148e29dc19′]”, gives us the inside info on his new novel and to find out more about the man behind the book.

Meeting the lovely Nigel at the Norton Grange Hotel, Rochdale, we get the inside info on what made Nigel write such an inspiring novel.

With rave reviews all over Amazon from anyone who’s read it, etc.

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What’s the book based on?

It’s loosely based on myself going to Vegas for six days.

The main character is going through a hard time with the breakup of his long-term relationship, and with that comes the realisation that life is passing him by as his work situation comes into focus too.

He goes to Las Vegas with three of his friends and uses the time to find himself, which in Sin City, can be quite a dangerous thing to do.

There’s a lot of humour and northern wit to it, but there’s this underbelly of honesty and emotiveness to give the story depth so it becomes more than just a lads trip away.

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Nigel Cartner – Photo credit – Richard McCann

How’s it been received?

It’s going really well with book signing events at weekends and people’s feedback has been very positive.

There are some fantastic reviews on Amazon, which is very humbling.

I never thought it would gain so much popularity so quickly considering how nervous I was before its release.

How long did it take you to write?

It took me seven years on and off.

I started writing reviews within music at Mudkiss Fanzine shortly after finishing my first draft.

Mudkiss eventually folded, but I quickly went into radio, broadcasting on Stockport’s Pure 107.8FM on our show Sonic Bandwagon, which focused on new music, which still has an online presence today in a reviewing capacity.

So, most of my time was taken with music for several years, but I chipped away at the book when I could.

Eventually, I thought the timing was right to finish it, which was ultimately something I’d always wanted to do, but I felt I needed a little help with it.

Nigel Cartner – Photo credit – Mark Allott

Life has a strange way of opening up doors you never thought were there, and it was at a gig where I met my editor.

I told her of my ambition and idea, and with her advice and encouragement, I decided to get it done.

Within 2 years of meeting her, I had my first book published that had been in mind since I was a teenager.

Is there a sequel?

Yes, I’m currently working on it and can’t wait to finish it.

I won’t reveal too many details to the plot as you’ll need to read the first one to know where it’s heading, but it’s a completely different story that follows on nicely from where the first one ends.

It’s time to grab a large glass of wine and start reading my signed copy.
We wish you every success in the future.


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