A Northern lass with Northern roots from a Northern Suburb a little place named Middleton. 

It’s a typical rainy day in Manchester City Centre as I arrive at a little cafe in the Northern Quarter (Tea Cup) to meet up with Emma, have breakfast and chat about what life is like for models after the age of 30.

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Not only is Emma a model but she is also a walk-on extra and a mum of 2 children with a hectic lifestyle.

Emma is a strong and energetic character full of life and don’t let the blonde hair fool you, she’s also pretty switched on.

We find out what life is like for Emma and the adventures she’s had after getting back into the modelling business after a short-lived career at the younger age of 23 when it all came to halt to settle down into family life with children.

Do you feel the industry has changed from how it is now to when you were young?
The early years were difficult being short at just 5’6″ in the industry which affected my confidence very much, it was much more difficult, back then the opportunities weren’t the same as they are now.

Nowadays the opportunities seem to just come along. I guess it’s all about timing, as is everything with life.

Photo – Julio Alfonso

What prompted you to get back into modelling?
I was spotted on Facebook in August 2016, I was applying for an advert for child models for my son and after arranging test shots they asked me to join in, with the possibility of having test shots myself which of course I jumped at the chance.

They accepted me and put me on their books with 10 edited images. Then a week later another agency approached me and advised me to go on StarNow for actors, dancers and models etc.
I was then approached by the director of Miss British Isles who asked me would I like to compete in the Miss Northern Elegance semi-finals in Southport in November 2016, following that I got through to finals in June 2017.

Unfortunately, we don’t always get what we want, but all was not lost, as part of the finalist package we all got an Albany Model Pack with details and advice for progressing our careers further which then led me to contacting PHA Model and Casting Agency.

Miss Manchester Elegance

I was immediately offered to be represented by them as a walk on TV extra, a few days later I was asked to be in none other than The Real Housewives of Cheshire (RHOC) as a walk-on extra. I just couldn’t believe my luck.

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I actually got to meet some of the housewives who were all very glamorous and also very entertaining. Of course, there were free drinks on the day, jugglers, fire eaters, women with snakes and everything you would expect from a RHOC party. I loved every minute and met some great people.

I was also asked to do the Miss British Empire as I got through to the finals, but I had to decline due to other commitments on the day.

Photo credit – Brett Mills

Are these pageants worth entering?
Everything you need is expensive, you have to pay for your own make-up, dresses and travel can run into the hundreds of pounds if you are not careful, having said that it’s great exposure for your portfolio as I have proved with it helping to launch my career.

Who was your favourite and why?
Esta, she was real, giddy, funny, excitable and approachable.

I heard you did a Nokia commercial can you tell me what that was like?
The Nokia Commercial was set in Central Manchester and was a very long exciting day and for 13hrs I was really out of my comfort zone, I really enjoyed it, loved it so much and would definitely do it again.

So what’s next for you Emma?
Learning Swedish
Looking forward to working on Hollyoaks in the next couple of weeks.

Do you exercise?
Mainly outdoor activities.
Something you love which you shouldn’t?
Love crisps.

Thanks, Emma it’s been a pleasure and we wish you every success in the future.

Until the next time bye for now.

Editor – Caroline Dowse

Photo credit – Dibera
Photo credit – Kenny Partington
Photo credit – B.J. Barnes


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