PREMIERE: North Yorkshire Rapper Twin II Drops New Single The Hospitality Song


They say the best art comes from imitating life. And that’s certainly the case for North Yorkshire rapper Twin II. Influenced as much by Hopsin, The Streets and rap royalty Eminem, as by the trials and tribulations felt universally by hospitality staff the world over, his latest single is a short sharp shock to the senses that’s enough to make anyone think twice before acting entitled towards your servers.

With lyrics that will be familiar for anyone that’s ever worked as a waiter, waitress or as barstaff, ‘The Hospitality Song’ is an ode to the often underappreciated, and an acknowledgement that they don’t half have to put up with some shit.

With previous singles such as ’14 Weeks Later’ already earning support of the likes of BBC Leeds, and with the spotlight currently shining on Yorkshire hip-hop thanks to the likes of Bad Boy Chiller Crew, it’s easy to see Twin II following in their footsteps.


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