Think youthful arrogance, raucous guitars, explosive drums and anthemic vocals soaked in enough saturation to get you sweating and begging for more. That’s Ratoon!


Formed with the use of social media during the testing times of the pandemic, South Wales based Ratoon, aim to make some noise with a dangerously rebellious sonic concoction of British rock. Ratoon is composed of Jack Garrett (Lead Singer & Rhythm Guitar), Sam Davies (Lead Guitar), Matti Huxtable (Bass), and Eifion Davies (Drums).

The Welsh Valleys have a rich history of producing some of the best bands globally, Ratoon plan to carry on the prestigious heritage.

Please Introduce yourself in less than 10 words…..
Thunderous rhythm with slick guitars and vocals fused with attitude.
What made you want to get into music?
Each of us has a slightly different reason for getting into it at a young age but all share the same ambition of playing across the globe to as many people as possible sharing their music.
How did you all meet?
We met through lockdown on social media looking for likeminded musicians. That’s why most of the band live so far from each other.
What would be on your rider?
Eifion – Bottles of ice cold corona with lime cordial, Cocktail sausages, Chicken balls, Starbursts (energy) and Xbox to smash Matti at fifa.
Jack – Black label Johnny Walker with a Brickhouse cigar.
Matti – Pink Monster Energy drink and a couple of cold pints of cider. An xbox with fifa and madden on it with a stream to the football if any of the teams I follow were playing.
Sam – A single jack and coke and a pack of tangfastics, and any energy drink.
What other talents do you have? Sam is a magician, they don’t call him magic Sam for nothing!
What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Never try and be someone you’re not, to please someone that’s not worth it. – Jack
Cassettes, CD, Vinyl, download or stream?
I stream all my music but I prefer vinyl it’s a authentic experience listening to an album on vinyl and it’s pretty cool watching it spin around? – Sam
If you could open for anyone who would it be?
The 1975 / Sports Team – Matti
What was the last track you played on Spotify? Para more – Eifion
What’s it like to return to live gigs?
It’s going to be Epic! We’re playing our first live show on 20th May at The Jukebox in Merthyr Tydfil on the single release date on an invite only bases. But then we’re playing our first public show on the Main Stage at Merthyr Rising just before Basement Jaxx and The Duallers! It’s going to be awesome! We can’t wait to show the world what we’ve been upto since the lockdown started!
Where can we find out more?