Singer-songwriter Raquel Kiaraa return with iconic new album ‘Defying Odds’

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Receiving support from international radio stations, programs and brands such as Natan (Belgium), McDonalds (Switzerland), Shakeaway (UK) and Helly Hansen (Norway), Raquel is making a clear statement that she means business in the industry. A compilation of Raquel’s most unique and charismatic songs, this album has a profound meaning. In it, Raquel is owning her power, celebrating the beauty of not only giving life to the child but giving light to herself, her strength, and her music goals.

Introduce yourself in less than 10 words….


I am woman; hear me, ROAR!

What made you want to get into music?


I wanted an impossible goal to achieve – coming from no prior musical background, this was the farthest talent from my skillset. Second, I wanted to turn the impossible into possible; I wanted to make people believe in their impossible and empower them to make it happen. At 32 most people would believe that going into music without any prior musical background would be a far out of reach goal, and perhaps it is, but that was my motivation to practice and become better daily. I live by these words and they have never failed me. You never have to be the most talented person in the room; you only have to be willing to work harder than the most talented in the room – the impossible is always possible with a commitment to work for it 

What’s the writing process?

Every day, All day, all night, words just come through me, they flood me, and all I can do is equip myself with a pen and paper and allow those words to take shape. 

How do you transfer that onstage energy to the studio?


Emoting has always been something that comes naturally to me. I can extrapolate any feeling and allow it to go through into my music. So I go there; I go to those places where the song needs to be felt, and I stay focussed in that mindset and allow my body and mind to be there, to feel there and then I let go into the mic. So it’s always been a primary focus of mine that people feel my music, and they believe that I too am feeling every word I sing. 

Talk us through the new track/video  

Love got me sick is about the complexities we all face around love, the darker side of it. The love that makes you mad makes you go a little crazy.  I have loved and lost. I have loved and changed. I have loved so thoroughly I could no longer tell where I stopped, and it began.  I’ve had passion used as a weapon against me, a tool for manipulation I was too blind to see. I have felt mad, passionate, love and love as comfortable as a king-size bed. I have loved so hard it hurt, and I’ve faked a more profound love than I felt. I’ve withheld love and had love withheld from me. I have run from love, feared my passion and denied truly seeing love. I am no stranger to love. Yet, I have experienced and understand many sides of it – the good and the bad – and am no longer blind to its powerful effects on one’s existence. Love is all at once; terrifying and magical, it’s one thing in this world that will never be portrayed by words alone, for its feeling lives in every pocket of our mind, body and soul. Love is powerful. That is the inspiration behind the creation of love got Me Sick. The meaning breakdown of Love Got Me Sick scenes:
The idea of the snake imagery came from the meaning behind snakes appearing in your life or your bed: To see snakes in your bed indicates that you will encounter that your unconscious mind is worried about a relationship. The snake itself is often connected to how you are privately viewing your world. Therefore, for the snake to appear in the bed indicates that you feel uncomfortable about a situation waking life. I wanted to use the snake as powerful imagery to represent love, unrest, trouble, madness. 
The scene in the cage was about being trapped in your mind, hearing all those little voices, the madness of love. We are so layered in our minds with how we move through toxic relationships that, at times, we question our sanity around it. But, unfortunately, sometimes that madness becomes our reality. So the two parts of me outside the cage represent the pulling voices of reason and chaos. 
The scene in the bed in the white outfit is the insanity illusion. Have I gone crazy enough that I am no longer rooted in reality? Am I still in my bedroom, or perhaps the idea that I have been committed to my lovesickness? It is open for interpretation to the viewer. 

Where can we find out more? (also, flog us some merch we love tees…..) 



If you could open for any band/act/solo artist, who would it be?


Ed Sheeran, FINNEAS, Lady GaGa


What has been the best gig you’ve ever played, and why?
I gave wings to my music in late 2018/early 2019, having never sung or played an instrument prior. At 32, I learned how to sing and play the piano for the first time to transform my poetry into music, the same age as my muse/role model, Leonard Cohen, when he began making music. I had never sung anywhere nor understood music whatsoever. Only the fact that I love to listen to it. The only thing I did know was I always loved to write, and I had books upon books of poetry I had written but had no idea how to turn them into songs. By March of 2019, I was motivated and determined enough to turn my goals into reality. By simply believing in the power of my music, I assembled a band of accomplished musicians. After only two rehearsals, some vocal lessons and music sheets for 13 original songs, I produced two sold-out 250+-seater performances, selling my tickets and running my publicity single-handedly. 

What was the last track you played on Spotify?

Sweet Memory, by yours truly 😉 

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

I think I am already doing it just by pursuing this goal. As women, there are so many limitations put on us not only by this industry but by the world. We are told it is impossible, that our dreams are impossible, that we cannot do it all. This album is symbolic of the message I want to carry into this industry, the world, and for all women. This album, for me, shows that I will continue to rise through all challenges as I move through pregnancy and toward becoming a mom for the second time. I am also continuing to run my businesses and coach full-time. The title of the album speaks to women’s power to transcend the status quo. Time and again, women rise to the occasion proving to themselves and the world that the impossible is possible, and their dreams are alive, and we are achieving them.


We are women – Defying Odds. I am a woman – Defying Odds.
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