So what’s this new music app Songhive all about?

We look at SONGHIVE and what it is, where it’s from and who’s behind it.

Songhive was proudly born in Manchester. It’s been made by proud Mancunians who love the city as much as they love the music and the people who make it and enjoy it.

It’s essentially a social community app for music fans. Songhive’s mission is to let its community share their love of music and create their music legacies.
Whether they play music, go to see it live, or just enjoy listening, Songhive is all about bringing people together through their love of music and helps them create the soundtrack to their lives.


Songhive App-icon
Songhive App-icon


One of Songhive’s founders, Howard Yuill of Manchester says “The origins of Songhive date back to 2005, way before social media had taken hold, and was originally to be a place where people could store up their music memories and experiences.
The idea sparked;Wouldn’t it be great to be able to create and share our musical legacies?’ The idea in its current form is now evolved to become a place where music artists, creators and fans can connect.
They can talk about their fave bands, their first significant music moments and, of course, chart their continuing music legacies as they experience them.
Howard is obviously very passionate about his musical heritage, his city and Songhive and his passion exude as he tells us about the Songhive team’s plans for the future. “This app is the first version and we have massive plans for the where it’s going and what it will be able to do.
We want it to be the go-to app for all things music (and not just for Manchester but globally) but the fact that it started here, in this great city of ours, especially given recent events, gives us an enormous sense of pride.
Howard Yuill
Howard Yuill – songhive
You can see from the components of our logo [insert] that the Manchester Bee sits perfectly with the music and streaming symbols, which nod to the eventual capabilities of the app.
We are looking at cutting edge technology around the globe to see what would benefit the app and our community of music fans.
It’s a proving ground at the moment but we are excited to see where we can take the format and we’re looking forward to the journey.
We’re a small team of local, impassioned music fans and we are really happy to see that the great people of Manchester are using it exactly the way it was intended – for fans to come together and share their love of music and how it affects us all.”
Co-founder Andy Wilson added; “We see this very much as a love letter to Manchester – a thank you for all the great bands and music it’s given us, and the world, over the decades. We very much looking forward to taking it the next level.”

Songhive. The soundtrack to your life

Share your first single, first album, first gig, or the song that evokes your first love.
Whether you’re creating your soundtrack as you go, the magic of gig nights, discovering new music with friends – Songhive brings people together to connect and share their love of music.
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Songhive is for anyone who feels joy in music, anyone who loves to see live music, listen in solitude with headphones, or who has ever been deeply affected by the power of music. Music transcends everything.

Music brings people together. Songhive allows anybody – music lovers, artists, DJs – anywhere in the world, to share their love of music create their own musical legacy and share it with others.


Songhive App-icon
Songhive App-icon
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