St Lucifer “Casanova” New Video and Interview


2021 sees St Lucifer break ground with their first release of the year, the new four track EP CSNVA released on 7th May 2021, via AnalogueTrash.

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During 2020 St Lucifer weathered a year of social distancing, isolation, and rolling lockdowns by releasing a double album of rarities and remixes, three singles and performing at a spate of virtual gigs – including headline appearances at Trans Pride Brighton and Goth City Leeds.

The CSNVA EP continues to demonstrate the path of (r)evolution the band adopted with the preceding  FutureNoisePsychology EP, kicking off with the (almost) title track Casanova, a bass driven lesson in seduction to welcome you in, instantly recognisable as St Lucifer but still bristling with a sense of newness.

Despite clocking in at a mere 3 minutes 43 seconds it’s got more riffs than a 70s rock compilation, projects Beyoncé-level sass, yet also manages to straddle 80s synth pop (do I hear a Pet Shop Boys hook in there somewhere?), Daft-Punk’s imperial-era electro-rock and an emotive lyric which gives way to call and response phonetics in the chorus (‘No This Is Not Your Life, Repeat, Hit and Run, Gaslight FOREVER’)

Please tell us a little about yourselves.

Well, we are St. Lucifer. First formed in 2016, we’ve had one or two ‘personnel shifts’ before this iteration of the band came together late 2019. The band consists of David, Amy, Alice and Ashleigh – we have tried to convince David to change their name to something starting with ‘A’ but thus far to no avail. We’re noisy, fast and violently queer, but we’ll cuddle you afterwards.


How would you describe your sound and art?

We’ve all got such different things to bring to our sound and visual style, more than one of us is an artist in their own right. The sound has definitely evolved over time, not least as different people who’ve been part of the band have left their mark on what we do. We’re influenced by everything from punk and metal to synthwave and pop and a lot more besides. We don’t see the point in tying ourselves to a particular genre of music. It’s much more fun to experiment, see what comes out and then just run with it.


Why do you make music?

Because we’re all socially inept and need to have ‘a thing’ so that we have something to talk about to other people. Joking aside though we’ve all found that making and playing music is something that helps us all get through our lives and to deal with this strange, cold capitalist hellscape we find ourselves in. It gives us things to look forward to and we can get some real excitement about putting something new together to share with the world.


Recommend us some music. Who else should we be listening to right now?

We’d be remiss (and probably in trouble) if we didn’t highlight some of our labelmates on AnalogueTrash. We’re particularly fond of Spray, Def Neon and Murderers and they’re all lovely people who you should befriend and support. Ashleigh has been nailing the trans punk recently, like G.L.O.S.S. and Against Me! But also reflectively listening to SOPHIE, who is sadly no longer with us. Amelia is currently spinning new the material from Gazelle Twin, I Ya Toyah, This Morn’ Omina and Blanck Mass, and generally enjoys tunes with a darker, experimental edge. David’s 2021 listening so far (checks recent vinyl purchases) includes new releases from Arab Strap, Lana Del Rey, Mogwai, Melvins, Jane Weaver and a lush new compilation of work by cult Dutch filmmaking auteur Frans Zwartjes. Because why not… Alice is both half-asleep and is currently enjoying listening to a weird mix of the Dreadnoughts, Placebo, Tom Waits, Primus, Mogwai (thanks David) and the excellent Norwegian rock band Mother Trudy amongst other things. With some NOFX in there too, as is traditional.


What are your plans for the rest of 2021?

 Ah you know, all the standard stuff. Stay alive, support each other, hugs when necessary and world domination. Usual, really. But we have our new album, Deathcrush Palare, coming out in early July which you’ll soon be able to pre-order on any one of a number of fun formats, including purple vinyl! With the Covid pandemic dragging on and on we’ve been a little cautious about booking in too many gigs in the early part of the year but from September onwards we hope to be fully back in business and making a lot of noise on a stage near you. Come and see.

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