Sunny Bones, Country meets Dream pop, born and raised in Norfolk.


Sunny bones is Helen Anderson backed up by her co writer Ben Asker and her band of 5. She will take you on a journey of indie rock with strong lashings of Country, Americana and dreamy vocals. Sunny Bones captures her personal growth and draws together her life experiences, hardships and self development through unapologetic lyrics and honesty, laid on a bed of nostalgia and melodic hooks and harmonies. Her moral compass points in the direction of self love, raw honesty and individuality.

Please Introduce yourself in less than 10 words…..
What comes first lyrics or music?

Usually a line with a melody. Usually a chorus or a bridge is the first part. Then it all falls around that.

What inspires you to write?

Experiences or at least embellished experiences. Feeling for something makes writing songs easy. I cant just sit and write songs, it has to come from a place of contemplation.

What would be on your rider?

A few beers, some Diet Pepsi and a good sandwich selection!

What other talents do you have? 
It’s not a talent, but I do have the worlds smallest hands for a 31 year old female. YET to find anyone with smaller hands than I.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Ooooft, sometimes, I think the notion of knowing the right people is a bit naff, the classic, not what you know but who you know. WHAT IF YOU DON’T LEAVE YOUR HOUSE MUCH


If you could open for any act who would it be?
First Aid Kit probably. Such lovely ladies OR wild card – Lady Gaga, because it would be an absolute hoot of a show!
What was the last track you played on Spotify? 
Wheels of Laredo – The Highway Woman. It’s a collaborative female country album and its been on repeat for a couple of months – yep, I’m the kinda person that rotates the same 5 songs for months on end haha!! I know what I like, what can I say.
If you could collaborate with any who would it be?
I would actually love to see what I could make with Kevin Parker. I love it when someone has such a distinct style, especially one I like. I wonder how you they’d translate your music. It’s just super interesting!
How do you transfer that onstage energy to the studio?
Oh I don’t. I think they’re two different things. The studio is a place of birth and the stage is a place of growth. You see how the music reaches other people and it evolves. The studio is kinda intimate, maybe even a conception, without the actual sex, we’re not that kinda band!

What’s it like to return to live gigs?
Like you’re first ever experience at a gig ever. It’s exciting and feels too good to be true. Two years locked up essentially makes you appreciate EVERYTHING.