This year’s festival essential is HAIR BLING!

Take a look at our selection of this trend showcasing some serious creations, like the hairstyles by artist Janine Ker, who uses adhesive crystals to create patterns across the whole head, from geometric designs to studded hair. 


Yes, that’s right. Throw away your flower crowns – they’re a thing of the past, but no need to worry we’ve got some great festival hair ideas to seriously keep you bang on trend.

This year it’s all about bejewelled hair. No 2018 festival look is complete without some seriously sparkly hair vibes. 

hair envy advert

You’ll be seeing some major hair game at all of the big festivals this year, and you wouldn’t be seen dead at Coachella without your hair sparkle being on point. 

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This trend showcases some serious creations, like the hairstyles by artist Janine Ker, who uses adhesive crystals to create patterns across your whole head, from geometric designs to studded hair.

But, if you’re not feeling up to turning your hair into an actual work of art each day, it’s super-easy to create your own, with a more achievable twist on this trend. 

Babe up your braids
You can quickly babe up your braids with some accessories, like hair rings. These are an effortless way to add a bit of bling to your look, and instantly up your festival fashion vibes.

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There are loads available in high street stores and online. You can go for simple rings, or rings with charms on them, depending on how boho you want your look to go. 

Root to shine baby!
One of the more common looks is glitter roots
. This trend started to really catch on last year, but now, it’s almost a must-have for any festival.

Simply part your hair, spray on a little hairspray to the root section, and sprinkle on some hair glitter – voila!

Keep applying hairspray and glitter until it’s time wash that hair; it’s so simple and it’s a look that can last for days.

You can pick up hair glitter at loads of high street stores, and it’s not expensive at all, making it the perfect festival look on a budget. 

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Space out your buns!
The perfect accompaniment to glitter roots is space buns. This popular trend from the 90s is still here and looks amazing with glitter roots. Both of these are a festival staple, so pairing them up just makes sense.

It’s also a great way to keep your hair out of the way and look completely on-trend at the same time.


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