Valetta & their new single ‘Your Future in an Email’


We’re taking the time to catch up with some of our favourite bands. When music venues closed their doors in 2020 and our individual worlds seemed to shrink around us, Valetta, like so many artists, were faced with a crisis of identity.

“All of our songs were loud, immediate, and meant to be played live! Suddenly we couldn’t do that anymore. So almost by accident we started making a totally different kind of music.” We caught up with the band to find out more….


What have you achieved since we last had you in Northern Revive?

Since releasing our last single we’ve been working on songs for our debut EP, Your Future in an Email. So we’ve been learning how to record live piano, passing the short days on the record, mix and repeat cycle, and of course arguing endlessly about the track running order! Plus the pull to start writing something completely new is never stronger than when you have a deadline to finish something off!


How do you think your music has developed?

Before the pandemic hit, all of our songs were loud, immediate, and meant to be played live! Suddenly we couldn’t do that anymore. So almost by accident we started making a totally different kind of music. Our tunes used to have a stripped back indie/grunge kind of vibe, but as soon as lockdown hit there was suddenly loads of time to spend demoing. So I (Alex, vocalist) ended up putting layers and layers of guitars, sequencers and vocal effects onto our tracks, until we ended up with a much more cinematic, psychedelic sound. At the same time I started singing much quieter, probably cos I didn’t want to disturb the neighbours downstairs. Whereas previously the vocal derived its power from its delivery, the urgency in the vocal lines started coming from layers and layers of harmonies and the growing cacophony surrounding them. They may not necessarily have been intentional, but these things have definitely changed the way we approach writing and recording music.


What movie would you have loved to have written the soundtrack for?

Muppet Treasure Island


Who has had the most influence on your music?

When we were younger we were massively into Oasis and then later Arctic Monkeys, and then later again Queens of the Stone Age, so a lot of our musical reflexes come from those bands, even when we’re trying to avoid sounding like them. As for artists we keep going back to for writing inspiration, Everything Everything are definitely in that list, with St Vincent, TV on the Radio and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, all bands that are comfortable jumping between genres but also write brilliant lyrics. We share so much music around within the band, so I guess the other band members have more influence on the songs we write than anyone else.


What would you love to see in a dressing room?

A three headed Ralph Fiennes struggling to finish a packet of water biscuits.


Favourite biscuit?

Biscoff (courtesy of official band Italian Chris Buratta)


If you could open for any band who would it be?

Star Wars Cantina band hologram tour. Or Radiohead, they’re quite good.


What other bands do we need to be checking out right now?

We’re playing a show at Gullivers, Manchester on February 23rd and our supports are mind-blowingly good. You should definitely check out Sylvette, an art-rock band from Manchester, and Liverpool singer-songwriter Jed Timms!


Spotify? Necessary or music equivalent of a slum landlord? 

As a music consumer, it’s brilliant. We’ve found so much new music because of Spotify. But there’s no denying they’ll be on the wrong side of history, and sooner or later something is going to come along that does the same thing in a more ethical way and Daniel Ek is going to be relegated to the annals of asshole billionaire history.


What did you miss most about playing live in the pandemic?

Surprising yourself. There’s always something you do every gig that is completely unplanned and in the moment. Sometimes it’s an improvised vocal flourish, sometimes it’s a terrible attempt at between-song humour. But when it happens it feels like jazz and my god it makes you feel alive!


Where can we find out more? (also flog us some merch we love tees…..) 

Pre-save our debut EP Your Future in an Email here:

We’re on all your favourite streaming platforms, of course, and we’ve got some self-produced music videos on our youtube channel that you should definitely check out. The next one in the works is a video for a track from the new EP called Barbarian, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be mind blowing! To stay up to date with everything we have going on, sign up to our mailing list here:


Talk us through the new track 

Barbarian is a track off the new EP that we’re really excited about. It was written about mankind’s age-old fear of ‘the other’ and how it can be manipulated by voices of authority. To reflect this we created a dark and brooding soundscape driven by heavy piano chords that give the impression of a vast open space. It’s slower and much more understated than any of our previous songs, but has an intense cerebral quality to it.


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