VATSWAV ‘Simulation Reset’ video Premiere & new EP ‘DETO_X’


VATSWAV ‘Simulation Reset’ video Premiere & new EP DETO_X

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VATSWAV is the new music project from Peter Godziszewski of Atomzero. With the changes in the world and shifting interest in exploring different genres of electronic music, VATSWAV is a mix of ambient, soundtrack, and idm. Influenced by Biosphere, The Orb, and Lassigue Bendthaus and motivated by exploration of sound design and production.

The catalyst for this was writing and composing music on a Eurorack modular system, crafting sounds from scratch, and learning new ways of synthesis, composition, and arrangement. Peter says that while the journey occasionally can be longer to the recording, the experience has been more rewarding and feels more ‘honest;’ particularly set against the deeply personal themes driving the songs that feature on the debut EP set for release April 15th.