Video Premiere! Solar Parachute is back with ” Ain’t no Sunlight.”


After the two first singles  Solar Parachute is back with ” Ain’t no Sunlight.”


Solar Parachute is the exciting new solo project of unconventional drummer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Gaet Allard. Known primarily for playing drums with bands such as Balinger, Stoptoi and Perfect Line, Allard also has his own solo project called Solar Parachute where he sings, performs and writes songs.

This song will be part of the new Solar Parachute album which will be out in November 2020.  This track was written around the guitar riff and the slow heavy drums.This is a song about contrasts – hot/cold, loud/silent, dark/light, which echoes complicated relationships.

Gaet had this to day about the track, “Sometimes we need to drown ourselves at the bottom of the pool and push up to rebond at the surface of happiness.”

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