We Three Kings are a no-nonsense three-piece rock ’n’ roll band from Manchester.

“Full-barrel, bats-outta-hell rock’n’roll” – Classic Rock Magazine

“This is a band with a clear mission in mind, to remind people how great Rock ‘n’ Roll can be. They’ve succeeded!” ★★★★★ – 3 Songs & Out

“Manchester garage/fuzz rock royalty” – Stereo Stickman


We Three Kings rock band
We three kings

We Three Kings are a no-nonsense three-piece rock ’n’ roll band from Manchester, the UK with a balls-out sound that blends fuzzed-up blues-rock into three-minute mini-miracles of pure joy. With Rich on vocals and guitar, Ben on bass and Pete on drums, their riff-driven guitar-heavy sound is perfect for a playlist alongside Rival Sons, Royal Blood, The Black Keys, Queens of the Stone Age, Wolfmother and The White Stripes.

S’alright (G.O.T.I.T) is a razor-sharp reminder of the power of monstrous riffs turned up to 11.

“The thing I love most about We Three Kings is their unashamed and determined mission to rock out, rock hard, and take rock & roll back to basics for the good of us all”
– Listen with Monger

An unpretentious live act with a massive, balls-out sound, 2019 singles Give It To Me, GO!’, Do It & Gasoline achieved widespread critical acclaim, including radio airplay on BBC Introducing, Planet Rock Radio & Amazing Radio, with ‘Give It To Me, GO!’ also featuring on Classic Rock Magazine’s cover-mounted CD, July 2019. The band’s back catalogue includes a further two five-track EPs: ‘EMBERS’ (2016) and ‘FIRE’ (2018) and is available to stream across all digital platforms.

“Rapid neck-snapping mosh worthy rock that will have a live audience in a manic frenzy” – Indie Buddie