Why is everyone going crazy for Unicorns?

All of a sudden the world’s gone Unicorn mad, from smartie chocolate to unicorn toilet paper, everyone wants a piece of the unicorn, including adults.

YES! You can even purchase Unicorn sparkly toilet paper from the internet do dazzle up your bathroom and much more.

hair envy advert

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But why is this, is it because of its history and mythological perception? 

Our obsession seems to be growing and doesn’t appear to be fading anytime soon.
This legendary creature dated back to antiquity times and described as a creature with a large single white spiralling horn projecting from its forehead.
A wild woodland animal, symbolising grace and purity in the Renaissance and Middle Ages and that only a virgin could capture, the horn was also said to have the power to heal sickness and render poisoned water drinkable.

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The Narwhals tusk (a small Arctic whale) which medieval people sometimes sold as the unicorn horn in renaissance and medieval times.
It goes without saying that the reasons could be the mythical stories of purity and mystery surrounding this imaginative creature, we have along the added candy floss colours etc. and taken this fantasy to our hearts.

Or maybe it’s our wanting for escapism from the real world.

Just looking on social media and you’ll find a massive sense of colourful wonder from glitter roots in hair and hairdressers creating balayage techniques for festival fashionista’s and the like, fairy tale lovers and no it doesn’t stop there.
Search for unicorns on the internet, and you’ll get bombarded with an array of colourful objects ranging from Kellogg’s unicorn cereals to sparkly toilet paper.
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This obsession is undoubtedly taking the world by storm, and it’s not just the kids, adults also seem to be jumping on this trend of a fantasy world, the amount of merchandise available in this phenomenon is epic. The list goes on and on.

Here’s some we found earlier.

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Make no mistake this connection is one of a spiritual one and along the way we’ve added creative variations and celebrated this fanatsy animal by adding splendid colour.
Enjoy, you beautiful unicorn lovers. 🙂
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