Every year, during the month of June the LGBT community celebrates Pride in a number of different ways around the world. With huge elaborate parades being a prominent feature of Pride month, and across the world cities host street parties, community events, poetry readings, public speaking, street festivals and educational sessions.

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Pride is also used as an opportunity to peacefully protest and raise political awareness of current issues facing the LGBT community.

One of the biggest celebrations that attracts huge amounts of people is held in Manchester in August but this years celebrations have understandably been cancelled due to the pandemic. So for this year Pride is getting a whole new look, and will take place primarily online.

We ask Trans artist and previous Pride performer Husk to tell us a bit more about Pride and how we can support and celebrate it.

Northern Revive: In 6 words or less sum up Pride! 

Husk: An all year round fight!

NR: Why is pride so important to the LGBTQ community?

Husk: Pride is hugely important to queer people. We spend a lot of our time defending ourselves, coming up against prejudice, not being allowed to be visible. Pride is a chance for us to be out loud and proud in our own space, and celebrate each other and ourselves. Parades and marches are where we can educate our allies on things they may not be aware of, and challenge the government on things such as the GRA Reform. (Google it, it’s a really scary time for trans people, with a lot of powerful people spreading misinformation), and that conversion therapy is still legal in the UK.

Pride is a lot of fun, but it’s importance for continuing the fight for our rights and freedom from persecution is essential!

NR: How can people outside the LGBT+ community support it and enjoy it?  

Husk: Firstly, always support queer art. Support independent queer business too – large companies tend to ‘pink wash’ around Pride, splashing rainbows everywhere, but actively contribute to the oppression of LGBT+ people.

Secondly, join in! Educate yourselves and come with acceptance in your heart. We want to celebrate our Pride with allies. But most importantly, show up when we need you, call out homophobia, transphobia, biophobia, whenever and wherever you see it!

NR: With this years Pride events being cancelled due to COVID how can people still experience the event?

Husk: Many Prides, including Manchester Pride and Pride in Hull have planned virtual online prides. I did a little set for Gaydio as they hosted UK Radio Pride too. Many performers have also taken to performing through live streams, myself included. There’s loads going on!  However, Pride is never cancelled. Pride has been happening up and down the country as we’ve been marching for trans rights and BLM marches.

NR: What will you be doing for this years Pride?

Husk: I’m planning my own live stream on my Facebook page. But I’ve just released my new single ‘Heal With Time’, so I think I deserve a rest at some point! Haha!

Also Switchboard Pride! Switchboard is a helpline charity that supports LBGT+ people. From August 7th-9th, they’re putting on an online pride. I’ll be doing a little set, and being a loud visible transmasc performer, and I can’t wait!

NR: For more info on Husk?

Search @husknoise in google, or fb, insta and Twitter and you’ll find me.

For LGBTQ help and advice where should we go?

LGBT Fdn, GLAAD, Mermaids (a charity for young trans people & their families)

To help right now, allies should watch Disclosure on Netflix and read ‘Trans Power’ by fabulous trans author Juno Roche.