OLIVIA LORD – At just 16 years of age with the world at her feet, this young artist, and musician is going places.

We first noticed Olivia on FB, when her dad posted a video of her singing for a charity bash fund-raiser performing at the local Norden Golf Club, in aid of Africa organised by a former friend as one of a number of events organised on her own to raise funds to cover the costs to travel to Ghana for a 3 week volunteering trip.

Immediately we noticed her voice and was blown away and decided to ask some questions of this up and coming starlet…

Raising an impressive £2,700.

What are your main interests?

I’ve always been interested mainly in art and music and didn’t really think of singing until my friend told me to give it a go.

So one day I decided to do so.

First started jamming with friends and started to sing, The Lovecats by The Cure.

Then I was asked to sing at a charity event in Norden. So I thought why not.

It was nerve-racking at first but I overcame the nerves and everyone loved it and so did I. I so much love singing now.

When the video went up on FB I didn’t know what to expect and then when Northern Revive shared it on their page it got over 2,000 views which I was overwhelmed by.

This gave me the boost I needed to try and further my dream.

Olivia Lord and Jon Lord her father.

What have you done since?

After seeing the video my music teacher said I should do some recordings, so I took up the chance. I’ve also started to write my own lyrics.

Who Inspires you?

Oh, I’m an 80’s junkie, anything from Duran Duran, T”pau, Blonde, The Cure, Kate Bush and many more. I was definitely born in the wrong era. My passion is music and everything about it, I also play keyboard and guitar.

Olivia Lord
Olivia Lord

What are you studying?

I’m in my last year at school, currently studying Religion (I’m not religious by the way, it just interests me), art, music and obviously English and Maths.

We wish Olivia every success for her future.

Editor – Caroline Dowse

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